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The Ontario Trillium Foundation is committed to openness and accountability, and as part of that commitment, we have publicly posted all of our granting policies. These policies govern the way we do business, including our application and assessment process. This is an important resource for nonprofits and charities as they work through the application process. 

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OTF’s investment policies explain the “what” and “why” of how OTF makes investment decisions during the application phase, and throughout the course of a grant.

POL-INV-01 - Eligibility Policy
POL-INV-03 - Capital Grants Policy
POL-INV-09 - Recognition Policy


OTF’s governance policies cover the oversight structures that determine how OTF is governed as an agency of the Government of Ontario.

POL-GOV-01 - CEO Continuity Policy


OTF’s corporate policies guide the way we do business and interact with the public ​by operationalizing our mission, values and principles.

POL-COR-20 - Privacy Policy
POL-COR-22 - Open Data Policy