Support Webinars

We are pleased to offer a wide range of webinars throughout the year designed to help you navigate the grant application process and various application requirements.

Whether your organization is new to OTF or a returning applicant, our webinars provide valuable insights to help you prepare your grant application or assess if your organization and project are a right fit for OTF funding.

Accessible Supports and Resources: If you require accessible supports while participating in a webinar, telephone calls or an in-person session, please contact us at with your request at least two (2) weeks in advance so we may provide the appropriate accommodation. 

General Webinars

These webinars are offered year-round and will walk you through essential requirements and processes relevant to all our grants. These webinars are most useful for those that have little experience applying for an OTF grant or if a refresher is needed. Topics include:  

Note: Project-specific and grant-specific information will not be shared in these webinars.

Grant-specific webinars

We offer grant-specific webinars to help you prepare for upcoming grant application deadlines. These webinars include information on the amount of funding you can apply for, the project outcomes you need to achieve through your grant, the assessment criteria, and other grant-specific requirements. Topics include:

OTF’s applicant resources are provided on and through support webinars, and they offer the most up to date and relevant information to help applicants understand OTF’s grant application and granting processes. OTF’s website content and webinars are reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis to ensure they reflect the most current information to assist applicants.

As details may be revised with each grant cycle, we advise participants to refrain from recording, sharing recordings or using 3rd party apps to record sessions. This will ensure that applicants reference the most current information direct from OTF.

Not able to attend live webinars? 

If participants are not able to attend live webinars, OTF’s Support Centre and one-to-one coaching sessions are available.

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Need immediate support?

Access timely and up-to-date information by connecting with our Support Centre. Our team is available to answer questions about our grants and who we are as a grantmaker in Ontario.

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