Grant Recognition Requirements

In compliance with the Grant Recognition Policy and your Grant Contract, your organization is required to publicly recognize the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) and its funder, the Government of Ontario.

To complete these requirements, your organization will need to organize and host a recognition event and complete the other activities listed below before your grant closes. 

Review all the information on this page before proceeding with your OTF grant recognition activities.


On this page:

Communications embargo period for new grants

OTF requires that organizations with new grants observe a communications embargo period. This period starts once you have been informed of your grant and continues until you are notified by OTF that recognition can begin. 

During the communications embargo period, you must not make any public or media announcements about your new grant, which includes not posting news on social media or issuing a media release. 

Recognition activities during this period may be initiated by your local Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) or the Minister. If this occurs, please contact your Communications Advisor and we will provide additional support.

Host a grant recognition event

What is a grant recognition event?

A grant recognition event is an opportunity to gather and acknowledge OTF’s support and celebrate your contributions to the community. It can be as simple as a small stand-alone gathering and photo-op with your local MPP or integrated with another event you might already be planning. Regardless of format, all recognition events contain the following elements:

  • A Recognition Event is initiated, planned, and hosted by your organization, with support and approval from your OTF Communications Advisor.
  • OTF requires a minimum of 3 weeks notice for any recognition event.
  • It can be in-person or virtual. Food and beverage is not expected or required.
  • It can take place at any time during the term of your grant. 
  • The MPP for the grant’s riding of impact must be invited. 
  • When possible, OTF will send an OTF representative. 
  • A representative from the Minister's Office may contact you to add a quote to your media release or inquire about attending your event. If so, please notify your OTF Communications Advisor who will provide additional support.

Examples include: Program launch, Annual General Meeting, press conference, opening ceremony, ribbon cutting, ground-breaking, group photo with new equipment/renovation, Open House, concert, festival, or workshop.

To begin planning your recognition event, follow OTF’s How to plan a recognition event guide:

Your Communications Advisor

Contact the Communications Advisor assigned to your area at least three weeks before you engage in recognition activities.

François Brassard Lahey (Bilingual) | | 1 800 263-2887 x.423
Champlain | Essex, Kent, Lambton | Grand River | Halton-Peel | Hamilton | Niagara | Quinte, Kingston, Rideau | Thames Valley | Waterloo, Wellington, Dufferin | Francophone events

Lori Kay | | 1 800 263-2887 x.216
Algoma, Cochrane, Manitoulin, Sudbury | Durham, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge | Grey, Bruce, Huron, Perth | Muskoka, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Timiskaming | Northwestern | Simcoe-York | Toronto | Ontario | Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF)

Other required recognition

In addition to your recognition event, OTF also requires that you:

1. Use the OTF logo

While your grant is active, your organization is required to include the OTF logo in the following relevant places: 

  • Your organization’s website
  • Grant-related materials such as brochures, program guides, videos and other communication products
  • Vehicle purchased with your grant funds

Please do not include the OTF logo on your organization’s letterhead, in your email signature, business cards or job ads

Before you use the logo for the first time, please email a draft to your Communications Advisor for approval.

2. Acknowledge OTF in your communications

While your grant is active, please acknowledge the OTF funding in your communication materials or activities. For example:   

  • Media interviews
  • Annual reports
  • Newsletters
  • Online videos
  • Promotional materials, both online and in print
  • Social media activities

If using social media, please tag OTF in grant-related posts:

Information for closed grants

Once a grant is closed we ask that certain public acknowledgments of the Foundation are removed or taken down. This includes the following from your organization:

  • Website: remove OTF acknowledgement within three months of the grant closing
  • Promotional material (online and print) related to the OTF funded project: remove OTF acknowledgment when materials are re-created or re-used
  • Newsletter/social media activities: remove OTF acknowledgement from your external communication activities

Time-stamped corporate documents, capital items and equipment that include OTF acknowledgment do not need to be updated or changed. This includes:

  • Annual reports and business plans
  • Vehicles and other fixed or non-fixed equipment
  • Permanent plaques, engravings or signs
  • Videos