Grant Recognition Requirements

Recognizing your Ontario Trillium Foundation grant

Publicly recognizing your OTF grant is an important way to promote and celebrate the work your organization is doing. As part of your grant, OTF outlines recognition requirements for grant recipients to acknowledge the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Government of Ontario.

Grant recipients recognize their funding publicly through the following ways:

  • Acknowledge the funding in social media, media releases, media interviews (throughout the life of the grant), annual reports, newsletters, social media activities, viral videos and promotional materials, both online and in print.
  • Add the OTF logo if you are purchasing a vehicle, creating information materials, online videos and other communication materials that are a direct result of your grant. Reference OTF's Logo and Brand Guide to learn how to use our name and download our logo.
  • Grantees are required to hold a recognition event before the grant closes. Recognition events are a great way to engage your community in the work of your organization and the impact of your OTF grant. Learn more about planning a recognition event and please contact your Communications Advisor at least 3 weeks before your proposed event date.

OTF is committed to recognizing the Government of Ontario as its funder by requiring grantees to invite their local Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP), regardless of party affiliation, to participate in grant recognition activities such as media releases and events.

When can you start recognizing your funding?

All grantees must wait to recognize their funding until your Grant Contract has been signed and submitted, and there has been a provincial announcement of the new grants. This usually occurs a month after you have been notified that your grant application has been approved (timing is subject to change).

Until the contract is signed, grantees must not make any public or media announcements. This includes not posting funding news on social media, issuing a media release, or announcing the funding publicly on other channels. If your MPP contacts you to set up an announcement prior to your Grant Contract being signed, please contact your OTF Communications Advisor who will follow up with the MPP office.

COVID-19 and grant recognition

As we continue to follow public health guidelines, we are encouraging grantees to host virtual recognition events, and at a minimum, acknowledge their funding in a media release.

For example, a virtual recognition event can take place during an online AGM, online workshop, or other online activities. Additionally, due to COVID-19, we are unable to send supporting recognition materials or official OTF plaques.

If your organization chooses to host an in-person event, please follow all public health guidelines for in-person activities, which includes social distancing and mask use for all attendees.

OTF Communications Advisor

OTF has assigned a Communications Advisor to each grantee to support them with their recognition activities and to answer communications questions.

Before planning an event, preparing a media release, or inviting your local MPP, please contact your OTF Communications Advisor at least three weeks’ before to ensure they can effectively support you.

They can help you plan your recognition activities and will ensure that your local MPP is invited to your online or in-person event. Late notice of your event may mean that your MPP will not be able to attend, or OTF may ask for a new date.

Additionally, they:

  • Help you prepare a media release, which will include a quote from your MPP
  • Approve any draft materials that include the OTF logo and name. For example: signage, ads and other materials associated with your grant  
  • Ensure event specific arrangements are made well in advance, if an event is being planned
  • Answer OTF-related communications questions, even after your recognition event has been completed

Please contact the Communications Advisor assigned to your area: 

Lori Kay | | 1 800 263-2887 x.216

Algoma, Cochrane, Manitoulin, Sudbury | Durham, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge | Grey, Bruce, Huron, Perth | Muskoka, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Timiskaming | Northwestern | Simcoe-York | Toronto | Ontario | Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF)

Melanie Anthony | | 1 800 263-2887 x.309

Champlain | Essex, Kent, Lambton | Grand River | Halton-Peel | Hamilton | Niagara | Quinte, Kingston, Rideau | Thames Valley | Waterloo, Wellington, Dufferin | Francophone events


Download the following resources:

 OTF logo 

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