Contact the Ontario Trillium Foundation for any support your organization needs.

OTF is committed to excellent and timely customer service to all our applicants.

We offer a broad range of resources and opportunities to help non-profit organizations learn how they can directly apply for an OTF grant. 

All our supports and resources are complimentary – and designed so organizations can access the most up-to-date, comprehensive information that enables them to initiate, write and submit grant applications directly to OTF.  

What can OTF supports offer you?

  • OTF supports are designed and led by knowledgeable granting staff including Program Managers and Program Administrators
  • Grant information you receive from OTF is always up-to-date and address the most current changes to our grant and application requirements
  • OTF’s website is always the most reliable source of information related to our grants, supports and resources


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The Ontario Trillium Foundation is committed to ensuring a respectful environment free of any form of harassment, discrimination, abusive or violent behaviour.

Any behaviour directed at OTF staff, OTF volunteers or participants in OTF activities/events or through any form of communication that contravenes OTF policies will not be tolerated. OTF will take appropriate and necessary action to address during and/or after the incident. These actions could range from ending a call, requesting someone to leave an event, to escalating to relevant authorities.

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