How We Make Application Decisions

Building trust through fair and transparent granting processes

Our grants support the work of non-profit organizations across Ontario. The information below provides an overview of how applications are assessed to how grant decisions are made. We are committed to fair, transparent processes for selecting proposals for funding.

Application assessment 

Each of our grants have customized application questions and requirements to meet the different needs of organizations and communities.

Once submitted, an application is reviewed by an OTF Program Manager to ensure the applicant and its project are eligible for funding. This includes:

  • The applicant is based in Ontario and the main impact of project activities is in one of OTF's catchment areas
  • The project fits with grant requirements and will have a high impact in the local community.  
  • The applicant and its project comply with OTF Policies.
  • The application is complete and includes all required documentation.

Local input into grant recommendations: OTF Grant Review Teams 

Local community volunteers are integral to OTF grant-making. Over 300 volunteers serve on Grant Review Teams across our 16 catchment areas, enabling us to make fair and transparent granting decisions at a local level.

Volunteers bring with them expertise and deep knowledge of their communities and the issues they are facing. As community members, they play an essential role in reviewing, scoring and making grant recommendations in their communities for projects that will have the greatest impact.

  • Volunteers are assigned to applications to review the project and provide a score independently, using the assessment criteria for that grant. 
  • Applications are ranked according to the average of the Program Manager and the volunteers scores.
  • At the Grant Review Team meeting, the ranking is reviewed and, as a group, the Grant Review Team recommends a list of applications to be approved by OTF’s Board of Directors.
  • OTF’s Board of Directors approves grant recommendations put forward by each Grant Review Team. 

Notification of funding decision

  • All applicants are notified of the final decision approximately 4-5 months from the deadline date. All OTF decisions are final and there is no appeal process.
  • If you are not successful in receiving a grant, you will have the opportunity to book a coaching call with a Program Manager to discuss the application.
  • We thank all applicants for their interest in applying for an OTF grant, however we are only able to fund a limited number of applications.

If you have any questions about how we make our decisions, please contact us.