Customer Service Policy

Type: Operational

Target audience: Employees, Volunteers

1.0 Rationale

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) values excellence and therefore provides the highest level of customer service. OTF provides timely, courteous and helpful service to all those who come into contact with the Foundation.

2.0 Purpose

This policy provides standards for the staff and volunteers responsible for providing outstanding customer service which includes welcoming feedback, providing a timely response to all inquiries and addressing issues of concern.

3.0 Policy

OTF provides timely, courteous and helpful interactions to all those who come into contact with the Foundation, and openly welcomes and responds to customer feedback.

3.1 Receiving Feedback

OTF welcomes feedback and learns by listening and engaging with its customers. OTF ensures there are multiple platforms for people to share feedback and that it is responded to promptly. This includes sharing OTF contact information, providing mechanisms for feedback on the OTF website, and feedback surveys. 

OTF trains staff and volunteers on how to listen to feedback and provide outstanding customer service. 

The Foundation proactively solicits feedback from applicants and grantees through perception surveys administered by an objective third party, as part of its business planning cycle.

3.2 Standards for Responding to Inquiries

All inquiries and complaints, whether written or verbal, are acknowledged within one business day and addressed within five business days.

When a complete response to an inquiry is not feasible or possible within five business days, a timeframe is agreed upon in writing with the person inquiring. 

Written inquiries received electronically or via social media are validated for authenticity before they are responded to.

3.3 Standards for Learning from Customer Service Inquiries

All customer service inquiries and complaints are documented and summary reports are reviewed by the VP, PA, and shared with other SLT members, when necessary. In addition, complaints are submitted to the Board of Directors in the quarterly report from the CEO.

4.0 Definitions

Customer Service Inquiries: verbal or written expressions of concern or appreciation, complaints and suggestions for improvement, and/or compliments from external stakeholders about anything, including granting decisions, eligibility criteria, assessment process, or service.

A Complaint: a negative customer service inquiry related to a corporate or governance policy (policies not related to the normal granting course of action) and takes a substantial and carefully considered response determined by the VP, PA.