Payment Release for Grantees Policy

Type: Granting

Target audience: Applicants, Grantees

1.0 Rationale

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is accountable for the public funds it distributes to grantees.

2.0 Purpose

To ensure grantees demonstrate an ability to manage their grant activities and funds responsibly and deliver on the terms and conditions of their grant contract. 

OTF releases payments based on the satisfactory review of the information required and submitted to OTF, by the grantee. The application, grantee engagements, and grantee reports provide information used to determine the state of readiness for the release of scheduled grant payments. Grant funds will only be released to grantees demonstrating readiness to proceed with project implementation.

3.0 Policy

Payments flow to grantees who meet the terms and conditions of their grant contract with OTF. The first payment will be released after the signed grant contract has been submitted to OTF, the grantee has met all prerequisites (i.e., completed OTF’s grantee orientation) and OTF has deemed the grantee is ready to proceed with the implementation of the project. Subsequent payments are released by OTF based upon the satisfactory completion of a grantee engagement or review of a progress or final report. 

OTF will hold back 10% of the total grant amount  until the grantee has submitted the final report and the report has been reviewed by OTF  to verify the satisfactory completion of the grant and its contractual requirements (i.e. recognition activity), at which point the funds will be released to the grantee.

4.0 Definitions

Grant Contract: The legal agreement between The Ontario Trillium Foundation and the grantee.  It includes the terms and conditions of the grant including a payment and reporting schedule.