Resilient Communities Fund Application Questions

Non-profit organizations that are interested in applying for a Resilient Communication Fund grant are encouraged to review the application questions below and take note of the required file uploads. Please ensure you prepare all required information prior to starting the online application.

Organization Information

Checkbox: I confirm I have been given authority to submit this application.

You must have authorization from your organization to complete this application. Please obtain authorization before moving forward. If you have any questions, please contact the OTF Support Centre or call 1 800 263-2887.

Signatory contact

Question: Please enter your organization's signatory contact details:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Email
  • Phone

Your organization's signatory contact is the person who has signing authority to legally bind your organization, has authorized this application and will be responsible for signing an OTF Grant Contract.

Organization contact

Question: Please enter your organization contact's details:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Email
  • Phone

Your organization contact is the designated person who has the authority to submit this application.

Checkbox: We have read and agree that this organization will comply with the Ontario Trillium Foundation's Anti-Discrimination Policy.

Checkbox: We understand and agree that data provided throughout the application may be shared with other funders and/or may become public. Please review our Open Data Policy.

Organization type

Question: Please select your organization type:

  • A charitable organization or public foundation registered as a charity by the Canada Revenue Agency
  • An organization incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation without share capital in a Canadian jurisdiction
  • A First Nation / Metis / Inuit or other Indigenous community
  • A municipality with a population of 20,000 or less, or their cultural and recreational agencies, including public libraries and museums

Please note that the following entities are not eligible for OTF funding:

  • A municipality with a population of over 20,000, and their agencies
  • A conservation authority or the conservation authority's foundation(s)
  • An unincorporated branch or chapter of a registered charity or incorporated not-for-profit organization
  • A for-profit organization or the for-profit organization’s foundation(s)
  • A university/college, hospital, school and or an agency or a foundation of one of these organizations
  • An agency of provincial or federal government


  • Organizations that are both an incorporated not‐for‐profit and a registered charity should register as a charity.
  • Municipal libraries, County Library Boards and Local Services Boards should register as a municipality with a population of 20,000 or less.
  • Collaborative projects must be led by an eligible organization that is registered with OTF and that accepts responsibility for the grant.
  • Métis Nation of Ontario charter, Inuit or other Indigenous groups/organizations should register as either a charitable organization or an incorporated not for profit organization, as applicable.

Question: Your organization's legal name.

Question: Your organization's operating name.

Question: Your organization's language.

Question: Your organization's charitable or incorporation number, and year of registration.

Question: Your organization's Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Business Number. Learn more about submitting your business number.

Question: Your organization's address:

  • Street Address/RR or PO Box #
  • City, Province, Postal Code (format X1X 1X1)
  • Phone
  • Website (If none enter N/A)

Question: If your organization is active on social media, please provide the handles you operate under. For example, @ONTrillium is OTF's Twitter handle.

Question: Your organization's mission statement. Max. 200 words.

Question: Your organization's typical activities, services or programs and number of people served annually. Max. 200 words.

Question: Does your organization offer bilingual programs and/or services? Yes or No

Question: If organization selects yes, how is your organization mandated to offer bilingual programs and/or services? Choose one of the following:

  • Agency designated under the French Language Services Act  
  • Area designated under the French Language Services Act
  • Mandated by Board of Directors and/or Funder
  • Non-mandated but serving Francophone population

Question: On average, how many paid staff did your organization have over the last 12 months, regardless of full-time or part-time status?

Question: On average, how many volunteers did your organization have over the last 12 months, regardless of the number of hours volunteered?

Financial Statements

File upload: Upload your organization's most recent completed financial statements, as per requirements. If you have a surplus or deficit, include your surplus explanation or deficit reduction plan. Please ensure you are submitting the required financial statements based on your organization's fiscal year-end date and total revenues.

Please note: While all organizations must meet OTF’s Financial Statement requirements, Municipalities, First Nation, Metis Inuit or other Indigenous communities are not required to submit financial statements in their grant application.

Board of Directors

Question: Does your organization have three or more active board members (active terms as of grant application deadline date), with at least 50% of board members at an arm's length relationship to each other? Yes/No

  • Answer yes if: board members and organization executives are not married or related to each other, do not work as business partners or are otherwise in a relationship where interests may be compromised.
  • Answer no if: board members and organization executives are married or related to each other, do work as business partners or are otherwise in a relationship where interests may be compromised.

Question: List your organization's Board of Directors information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Term start date
  • Term end date
  • Position
  • Arm’s Length (yes/no)

Please note: All organizations must meet OTF’s Board of Directors requirements, however, Municipalities, First Nations, Metis, Inuit or other Indigenous communities are not required to submit Board of Director information in their grant application.

Your organization must have a minimum of three active board members. Term end dates must be on or after the grant application deadline date.

To be eligible for funding, at least 50% must maintain an arm’s length relationship to each other.

Checkbox: I confirm that all the organization information provided is correct, up-to-date and complete (including most recent completed financial statements and surplus/deficit information, if required) 

Checkbox: I confirm the Board of Directors information provided is complete: a minimum of three board directors’ term dates end on or after the application deadline, and at least 50% of the board is arms-length to each other. 

Project Information

Question: Only expenses that are incurred in Ontario are eligible for OTF funding. Will the expenses you are requesting be incurred in Ontario? Yes/No

Question for data collection only: Choose the Action Area that your organization’s work or mission/mandate best fits: 

  • Active People
  • Connected People
  • Green People
  • Inspired People
  • Promising Young People
  • Prosperous People

Question for data collection only: Select the population that your organization serves:

  • Lived-experience of population served: 
    • General population
    • In care/leaving care
    • Low income
    • Newcomers/refugees
    • People with disabilities
    • People living with mental health/addiction
    • Underhoused/homeless
  • Identity of population served:
    • Black
    • Francophone 
    • General population
    • Indigenous or Aboriginal
    • LGBTTQ+
    • Other racialized groups 
    • Women 

Question for data collection only: Is a percentage of the selected population your organization serves Francophone?  Yes/No

Question for data collection only: If organization selects yes, the following populates:

  • Question: What % of people served by your organization are Francophone? (100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%)
  • Question: What % of your organization’s programs and/or services are offered in French? (100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%)

Question for data collection only: Does your organization’s leadership and/or decision-making entities (Board, executive team, senior leadership etc.) reflect the lived-experience or cultural identities of the communities served by your organization?

  • Yes
  • Somewhat
  • No
  • Unsure

Question for data collection only:  Select the community size primarily served by your organization: 

  • Rural or small
  • Mid-size
  • Urban centres

Question for data collection only: Select the age group primarily served by your organization:

  • Children (0-12)
  • Youth (13-24)
  • Adults (25-64)
  • Seniors (65+)
  • All ages

Question for data collection only: here is your organization located? Pick one of OTF’s catchment areas

Question for data collection only: Select the census division. 

Question for data collection only: What capacity is your organization currently operating at (as a percentage)? 

  • 100%
  • 90%
  • 80%
  • 70%
  • 60%
  • 50%
  • 40%
  • 30%
  • 20%
  • 10% or less

Question: What is your requested term? Select one:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months 
  • 12 months

Question: Is your organization applying as a collaborative? Yes/No

A collaborative is a group of two or more organizations (each with specific roles and responsibilities) working together on an initiative to achieve a common goal that will share decision-making and accountability for mutual benefit. To be eligible for an OTF grant, a lead organization in the collaborative must be eligible and accept legal responsibility for the grant application, the grant, and the project that will be delivered by the collaborative.

Refer to the Collaborative Applicants Policy for more information, and OTF’s required Collaborative Agreement Template for more information. 

Checkbox: I acknowledge that the formal signed agreement for our collaborative is in place and I may be asked to provide the agreement(s) to OTF at any time.

Question: Add the names of the organizations listed in your Collaborative Agreement in the Collaborative Table provided.

Assessment consideration #1: Impact on organization

Organization has clearly articulated how COVID-19 has impacted their work.

Scoring weight: 10%

Question: Has COVID-19 had an impact on your organization’s ability to (select all that apply):

  • Deliver on mission
  • Meet demand for services
  • Operate facility or physical location due to mandated closures
  • Operate facility or physical location due to rent or mortgage stress
  • Deliver program/service – insufficient infrastructure/technology
  • Deliver program/service – insufficient appropriate program content
  • Meet staff payroll (staff have been laid off or reduced hours)
  • Meet staff scheduling needs (fewer staff are available)
  • Meet volunteer scheduling needs (fewer volunteers are available)
  • Generate revenue
  • Meet health and safety needs of staff/volunteers
  • Other *if other is selected, please indicate impact

Question: Based on the checkbox(es) you selected, please elaborate on how your organization’s ability to deliver programs and services has been impacted? Max. 200 words

Assessment consideration #2: Organization supports diverse, underrepresented, and/or vulnerable populations

Organization has clearly demonstrated that its purpose and/or programming positively impact populations experiencing socio-economic, geographic, cultural and/or racial barriers. 

Scoring weight: 10% 

Question: The Resilient Communities Fund seeks to support diverse communities and underrepresented populations. Tell us how your organization’s purpose and/or programming positively impact populations experiencing socio-economic, geographic, cultural and/or racial barriers. Max. 75 words

Assessment Criteria #3: Strategy

  • The strategy is well thought out and explains how the organization plans to rebuild and recover from the noted impacts. 
  • The project presented is clearly articulated and reasonable for addressing the noted impacts  
  • Alignment with OTF’s Resilient Communities Fund outcomes is clear 
  • If applicable, the capital components are appropriate to address the noted impacts. 

Scoring weight: 45% 

OTF's Resilient Communities Fund is providing a flexible range of supports to address your diverse needs as you recover and rebuild your organization, programs and services. 

Question: Please check the outcome(s) you hope to achieve with this OTF grant (select all that apply):  

  • Equip board members and employees with supports to implement new approaches, prepare for change and build resiliency
    • e.g. organizational training and coaching, strategic planning and implementation, research & development, mental and physical health and wellbeing supports
  • Improve and increase ability to access financial resources and develop new and/or alternative sources of revenues
    • e.g. develop fundraising plans, identify fundraising and financial technology resources, seek opportunities for public-private partnerships, social enterprises
  • Adapt or re-imagine the delivery of programs and services to meet the needs of the community, employees and volunteers
    • e.g. identify new health and safety processes and required personal protective equipment; technology supports; staffing and volunteer recruitment and training 
  • Procure equipment or renovate spaces to meet the needs of the organization to be able to safely deliver its programs and services, and/or to adapt to new ways of working
    • e.g. equipment and/or renovations to meet changing technology, health and safety, and service delivery requirements
  • Create and adopt new approaches for organizations to work together to meet the needs of communities
    • e.g. peer learning, professional development, networking, resource, knowledge and data sharing 

Question: Based on the impact identified and outcomes selected, please elaborate on the work your organization will do to recover and/or rebuild with OTF funds? Max. 400 words

Assessment Criteria #4: Process

The process is well thought out and identifies the steps needed for recovery. 

  • Key project activities are strongly aligned with organization’s recovery strategy 
  • It is feasible to carry out the key project activities in the stated timeline 
  • The budget is reasonable and aligned to key project activities 

Scoring weight: 35% 

Question: List up to five key project activities that you will complete in order to successfully implement the project. Max. 200 words 

When defining key project activities, keep in mind the high-level activities that are needed to take place for you to complete your project.  

Examples of key project activities: 

  • Engage a consultant to work with staff to re-design a mentoring program 
  • Virtually convene stakeholders to determine gaps, challenges and opportunities 
  • Purchase and implement training on the technology requirements to operate virtually 
  • Develop resources and train mentors and mentees on virtual mentoring.   

As we are asking for up to 5 project activities, please focus on the key steps or milestone activities for your project rather than specific tasks.  

Financial Workbook

Question: How much funding are you requesting from OTF? This number auto-populates based on the information submitted in the financial workbook. 

Please ask for only what you need – OTF funds full request amounts only and OTF wants to fund as many Resilient Communities Fund applications as possible.  

Ensure the costs you request will enable you to complete the project and are therefore aligned with the project activities/outcomes. 

Project Description

This description will be used on the OTF website and grant contract if the grant application is approved.  

Question: Please describe your project using up to 20 words: 

Our: organization/group/First Nation/Inuit community/Métis community/Indigenous community/municipality, (select one from pick-list) with a $xx Resilient Communities Fund grant, (auto-populates based on request amount) will rebuild and recover from impacts of COVID-19 by: Describe your project using up to 20 words. 


Checkbox: I confirm that our organization has a proof of ownership or a five-year lease agreement as required in the funding application for all renovations or improvements to land or property, including purchase of fixed equipment. If this funding application is successful, I understand OTF will require proof prior to releasing funds. 

Checkbox: I have read the Financial Workbook Instructions and confirm that the budget request complies with OTF policies and requirements.

Checkbox: I understand the importance of avoiding any conflicts of interest (or the appearance thereof) when obtaining goods and/or services.  

Checkbox: The information contained in this application and in the accompanying documents is true, accurate and complete. 

Checkbox: I understand that should this application be approved, our organization will be required to enter into a formal, legally binding agreement with the Ontario Trillium Foundation that is based on the information in this application and includes the terms and conditions of the grant.

Checkbox: I have reviewed the Recognition Policy and agree, that if our project is approved for OTF funding, we will publicly recognize OTF’s investment in the project. 

Checkbox: I understand that Ontario Trillium Foundation will not reimburse any expenses incurred prior to being notified of grant approval. 

Checkbox: A representative with designated signing/decision-making authority for the organization has authorized this application. 

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