Collaborative Agreement

How to create a collaborative agreement

If you would like to work with another organization to deliver your project, the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) recognizes and supports collaborative arrangements that will achieve positive community impact.

What is a collaborative?

A collaborative is made up of two or more eligible and ineligible organizations that:

As per OTF’s One Application per Deadline Policy, an organization (including an organization acting as a Collaborative Lead) is limited to one application per deadline across all granting programs.

How to submit a collaborative application

  1. Ensure the Collaborative Lead (The Applicant) meets OTF eligibility requirements. Refer to the Eligibility Policy and Collaborative Applicants Policy for more information.
  2. Include with your grant application a formal, signed collaborative agreement that outlines: Project expectations; roles and responsibilities; details of shared decision-making, conflict resolution, and accountability.