Submitting Your Business Number

Organizations that are registered charities or incorporated as not-for-profits will need to submit their business number as part of the grant application. 

What is a business number?

A business number is a unique, 9-digit federal number and the standard identifier for businesses which is unique to a business or legal entity.

Organizations receive a business number when they incorporate as a registered charity or as a not-for-profit, or when they require a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) program account. The CRA will provide you with this number once you have completed your registration.
Learn more about business numbers and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) program accounts.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) program accounts use the business number and an additional two letters and four digits which is used for specific business activities that must be reported to the CRA.

CRA program account numbers 

Business Number

A CRA program account number has three parts:

  1. the 9-digit business number to identify the business
  2. a 2-letter program identifier code to identify the program account
  3. a 4-digit reference number to identify an individual program account (since businesses can have more than one of the same kind)
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