Capital Grants Policy

Type: Granting

Target audience: Applicants, Grantees

1.0 Rationale

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is an important funder of capital infrastructure in communities.

OTF funds capital projects that support the OTF’s Priority Outcomes. This includes projects that:

  • Enhance access to programs, activities, services, community spaces and full participation in the life of the community
  • Promote energy efficiency and contribute to environmental outcomes by 'greening' community space
  • Enhance and build community spaces that support the OTF’s Priority Outcomes
  • Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of programs and make better use of technological resources

2.0 Purpose

OTF provides capital funding to improve the infrastructure required for communities to thrive, and limits capital funding to each project to allow OTF to respond flexibly and effectively to the broad need for capital funding in Ontario’s voluntary sector.

3.0 Policy

3.1 Eligibility

OTF makes capital grants for equipment, renovations, repairs, new buildings, and outdoor installations and equipment.

In the case of new buildings, applicants will need to demonstrate the need for additional community space.

In the case of renovations and new buildings, OTF ensures that the grantee, on behalf of the community, has the benefit of the improvements created by OTF funding for at least five years.

Funding is limited to one grant per project of up to $150,000.

Developmental costs associated with construction, such as the development of plans, legal fees or survey costs, are eligible for funding as part of the capital grant. These costs are limited to 20% of the total grant.

OTF does not fund capital campaigns. Contributions to building and renovation projects are to specific costs of the project identified in the application.

3.2 Conditions Required

Proof of ownership or a five-year lease agreement is required for all renovations or improvements to land or property. If an existing lease expires prior to the end of the five-year term required by OTF, a letter from the lessor documenting the commitment to renew the existing lease is required.  

Where OTF funding represents a component of a larger project, applicants must demonstrate either that the funded components can be completed independently or that other funding sources have been secured, before OTF releases the funds to the grantee. If the full funds to complete the project are not secured within 3 years of the signing of the Grant Contract, the grant will be rescinded.

4.0 Definitions

Capital: A capital expenditure is an asset such as a building, machinery, equipment, etc., that has a useful life of more than one year and is subject to depreciation over its useful life.

Community Spaces: Includes physical (e.g. buildings or outdoor venues such as community centres, offices, recreational facilities, sports facilities, trails, fields or parks) or virtual spaces (e.g. online) set up for communities to connect, gather and use.

Project: A project has a defined beginning and ending and a specific objective. For OTF purposes, initiatives that have a common objective, drive towards the same outcome and are close in time are considered to be part of one project.

Renovations: A repair or improvement to an existing structure or building.