Helping organizations connect and rebuild through partnerships

The Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Partnership Investments program is renewing strategic partnerships with intermediaries that support Indigenous, Francophone and non-profit organizations across Ontario. Together, we aim to build the capacity of the non-profit sector, innovate and deliver greater impact.

As the sector addresses the impact of COVID-19 and continues to adapt and shift ways of working, support for non-profits to re-imagine how they work has never been greater. Providing opportunities for organizations and leaders to learn, collaborate and connect are essential for the sector to effectively meet the needs of Ontarians.

To support these opportunities, Partnership Investments is continuing its partnership with organizations who provide significant supports and resources to non-profits – helping to build back a stronger and more resilient sector.

These renewed partnerships consist of:

  • The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples
    Increasing the capacity of philanthropic funders to work meaningfully with Indigenous organizations. This will help foster investments in initiatives that build the well-being of Indigenous communities across Ontario.
  • Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO)
    Renewing our commitment to support Francophone non-profits across Ontario through learning and engagement opportunities. These include webinars, one-on-one coaching, resource sharing, and hosting AFO’s annual conference (Congrès) - the only province-wide event for the Francophone community.
  • Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN)
    Through capacity building and learning engagements, ONN is connecting the broad non-profit sector to support collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing. These supports will enhance the effectiveness of organizations and leaders as they rebuild and reimagine how to work.


“COVID-19 has highlighted new challenges and more uncertainty for Ontario’s non-profits. Intermediary organizations are essential to investing in the rebuilding and strengthening of the overall capacity of the non-profit sector, and the Ontario Trillium Foundation is delighted to support and engage in these strategic partnerships.”
- Arti Freeman, Manager, Partnership Investments


Through these partnerships, the Ontario Trillium Foundation is also learning about the opportunities and challenges faced by non-profit organizations as they transition from the past year. As we strive to build back better, organizations like The Circle, AFO and ONN facilitate networks and resources to enhance learning and collaboration - rebuilding a sector that can effectively respond to the needs of communities.