OTF invests in four innovative partnership projects

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The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) has joined four strategic partnerships with an investment of $600,000 to build the capacity of the non-profit sector and deliver better outcomes for Ontarians across a range of critical issues.

Through the Partnership Investments program, OTF works with a wide range of organizations and institutions to support the connection of ideas, people and resources. OTF is pleased to announce the start of four new partnerships, each working on innovative solutions to issues faced by our communities. 

Projects are led by leaders in their own fields and will help create more inclusive and connected communities. These strategic partnership projects include:

  • Transcend Fund: Led by the Sonor Foundation, this partnership supports trans and gender diverse communities in Ontario and other regions in Canada through the Transcend Fund. The fund will make multi-year grants and provide supports to organizations working to improve the lives of trans and gender diverse individuals. Learn more about the Transcend Fund.
  • Increasing Cohesion on Sector Data Initiatives: This partnership, led by Philanthropic Foundations of Canada, will respond to the current need to collectively transform data practices amongst foundations and charities. This work includes sharing knowledge and consulting with key stakeholders to identify the data capacity needs of the philanthropic sector.
  • 7GenCities: This partnership aims to scale a successful approach to building social infrastructure that centres Truth & Reconciliation in city planning. This project will build on the experience of Every One Every Day Kjipuktuk - Halifax and will follow the guidance of the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre, who led the initial pilot project. Partners are hoping to foster stronger relationships between funders, researchers and Indigenous organizations while building innovative social finance tools that support reconciliation-centred social infrastructure longer-term. 
  • New Power Labs: Scale for Sustainability: New Power Labs (NPL) works to inform, co-create and mobilize new approaches and practices on social finance to create more equitable access to capital. This project involves enhancing organizational processes and delivering key strategic priorities while building NPL’s governance structure. NPL was co-founded by OTF and other partners in 2021.

Quick Facts

  • The Partnership Investments program has a mission to mobilize relationships and resources in communities to build the capacity of the non-profit sector to innovate and deliver better outcomes for Ontarians.
  • In 2022-2023, OTF contributed $2 million towards 9 partnerships, with 58 partners also contributing $5.4 million (cash and in kind).  

Supporting partners 

  • Transcend Fund: Sonor Foundation, Toronto Foundation, World Education Services – Mariam Assefa Fund, Chamandy Foundation, Canadian Women’s Foundation, Counselling Foundation of Canada and United Church of Canada Foundation.
  • Increasing Cohesion on Sector Data Initiatives: Philanthropic Foundations of Canada (PFC), New Power Labs and Imagine Canada. 
  • 7GenCities: Community Foundation of Canada, Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre, McConnell Foundation, World Education Services, Participatory City Foundation. 
  • New Power Labs: Social Venture Connexion, DUCA Impact Lab, New Power Labs, World List Education Services, Coast Capital, Justice Fund, Community Foundations of Canada.