The Future of the Knowledge Centre

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Ontario Trillium Foundation's Knowledge Centre

In May 2018, we launched the Knowledge Centre, an online platform for the not-for-profit sector to share and learn together virtually on the things that matter to building healthy and vibrant communities.

We are pleased to announce the transition of the Knowledge Centre to a new home with the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN).

This move will ensure a space for the sector to continue to engage, share and learn with ONN as the lead.

OTF will continue to contribute our own knowledge assets and other resources to support the success of the platform while we continue to focus on investing in communities through local community-based grants in addition to partnerships that support the broader Ontario non-profit sector.

We look forward to continuing this journey of knowledge sharing on this platform.



Why is the Knowledge Centre transitioning to the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN)?
OTF engages in prototyping and incubating new opportunities, ideas, and approaches that support the non-profit sector across Ontario. We’ve determined to focus on continuing to develop partnerships with other leading organizations that can deliver on important innovation and impact to support the sector. We will look to other organizations like ONN to lead in knowledge sharing.

As the independent network for Ontario's nonprofits, ONN is well-positioned to convene the sector and engage organizations across the province. With its for-the-sector, by-the-sector focus, ONN will build on OTF's work to facilitate knowledge exchange and capacity building.

When will the transition take place? 
The Knowledge Centre will be fully-transitioned to the ONN early in January 2020.

Can I still engage on the Knowledge Centre until the transition? 
Yes, the Knowledge Centre in its current form will be accessible until it is fully-transitioned to ONN.

If I am a registered user, will my registration be automatically transferred?
No, it will not. A consent e-mail will be sent to all registrants stating the effective date of the transfer and indicating ONN as the new ‘owner’. This is to comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) that provides guidelines for e-mail communication and the protection of personal information.

We will request registrants confirm by reply e-mail if they wish OTF to share their e-mail address with ONN.

Will the Knowledge Centre still be open access?
Yes. Anyone can freely access all current ONN resources and that will remain true of ONN’s knowledge-sharing platform. A membership with ONN will not be required.

Will there be any changes to the Knowledge Centre?
Once the Knowledge Centre is fully transitioned to ONN – you can expect to see some exciting changes – led by ONN. These changes will begin to be rolled out in early 2020.

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