Franco-Ontarian Day is September 25

A green square with white fleur-de-lis logo beside an equal-sized white square with a trillium logo representing the Franco-Ontarian flag.

Vive la francophonie! Since 2015, OTF is pleased to have invested more than $31.2 million in projects benefiting the Francophone community across the province.

Projects funded support French language theatre, music and arts programs, enhanced community spaces, and enriched wellness and education programs to strengthen the health and well-being of Franco-Ontarians.

September 25th was chosen as Franco-Ontarian Day to reflect the first raising of the Franco-Ontarian flag, on the campus of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario in 1975. It is a day to acknowledge the over 400 years that Franco-Ontarians have contributed to the cultural, social and economic fabric of the province.

For the province’s 744,000 Franco-Ontarians, it is a day to celebrate and display their pride in their heritage and culture. Additionally, for the 1.5 million Ontarians who speak French, it is an opportunity to embrace the cultural diversity of the French language. 

Investing in Franco-Ontarians

Through our grants, we acknowledge the important contributions French language organizations continue to play in our province, both in celebrating the longstanding Francophone traditions and contributions in our communities’ and in supporting French-speaking newcomers. Projects funded include:

  • Centre culturel La Ronde received a $50,000 Community Building Fund – Operating Stream grant to increase access to its programs by developing virtual community and artistic programming for Francophone community members | Timmins
  • Centre Pauline-Charron received a $52,800 Capital grant to renovate its roof to help facilitate physical activity for Francophone seniors, fostering more active lifestyles |
  • Ottawa -Vanier 
  • Solidarité des femmes et familles interconnectées francophones du Niagara received a $75,000 Seed grant to provide arts, heritage and cultural learning opportunities for Francophone newcomers between the age of 13-18 | Niagara region

Additionally, through the French Language Services Act, OTF is committed to:

  • Offering French supports and resources 
  • Working with Francophone staff and volunteers during the application review process for projects benefiting Francophone communities, and 
  • Recognizing the needs and expectations of the Francophone communities of Ontario