4 partnership projects will help build sector capacity

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The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is pleased to share four newly formed partnerships that support the non-profit sector through the Partnership Investments program.

The Partnership Investments program mobilizes relationships and resources to enable a more resilient and sustainable non-profit sector that can meet the diverse and changing needs of communities in Ontario. Through partnerships, OTF collaborates and co-invests with others to strengthen the sector in ways that no one partner can do alone.

Four partnership projects have been launched to advance progress towards OTF’s long-term goals for Ontario’s non-profit sector. 

Partnership projects 

Cultural Policy Hub: Arts and Culture Sector Intermediary: The Cultural Policy Hub at OCAD University was developed to facilitate and expand the art and culture sector’s capacity in key operational skills, such as the use of research and data, program innovation, and knowledge mobilization. The Hub is a national, bilingual platform that connects researchers, policymakers, artists, and creators across the academic, government, non-profit and private sectors.

Web3 and Systems Transformation: This partnership will experiment with the design of three self-governing organizations to bring greater inclusion and collaboration to social impact work. This approach creates new and unique organizational models that are decentralized, autonomous and function without any central control. Also known as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), they are built on top of blockchain technologies using a type of Web3 tool. 

Toronto Workforce Funders Collaborative: This partnership will scale the Toronto Workforce 
Funders Collaborative (TWFC) across the Greater Toronto Area to improve workforce development and advance systemic change in the philanthropic sector. This work helps create a more equitable labour market and economy to support the wellbeing of communities. The TWFC was founded in 2020 by OTF and five other funders.

Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN): In this renewed partnership, OTF continues to support the critical work of ONN as a critical intermediary in the social purpose sector. ONN will deliver key activities to strengthen the non-profit sector and ensure that the needs of all social purpose organizations are heard and understood. These activities include network engagement, research and analysis, and learning and skills building.

The total value of these partnerships is $3.3 million with OTF contributing $445,000.


Quick facts 

  • The Partnership Investments program co-invests, convenes, and collaborates with other funders, intermediaries and organizations to build a healthier and more equitable non-profit sector in Ontario. 
  • In 2022-2023, OTF contributed $2 million towards 9 partnerships, with 58 partners also contributing $5.4 million (cash and in kind).   

Supporting partners

  • Cultural Policy Hub: Arts and Culture Sector Intermediary: OCAD U, Metcalf Foundation, Canadian Heritage, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, City of Toronto, Agora Foundation – The Philanthropist
  • Web3 and Systems Transformation: All In for Sport DAO, CFC, Equality Fund, SuperBenefit, Reimagine Institute for Community Sustainability
  • Toronto Workforce Funders Collaborative: Community Foundations of Canada, Counselling Foundation of Canada, Definity Foundation, JP Morgan Chase, Metcalf Foundation, TD Ready to Commit, United Way GTYR, World Education Services
  • Ontario Nonprofit Network: Ontario Nonprofit Network, Lawson Foundation, Definity Foundation, Metcalf Foundation, Suncor Energy Foundation, The Counselling Foundation of Canada