Other Funders

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If your project does not fit into our investment strategy, these other funders could be helpful.

Please note that these links are not an endorsement by OTF of their contents. 

For other funding opportunities, please consult these websites:


Online Funding Directories

In addition to the granting foundations listed above, here are some other online directories that may be useful.

  • The Funding Portal
    The Funding Portal is Canada's national bilingual e-commerce platform and one-window gateway to improve access to government funding. The Portal aggregates more than 7,000 sources of funding within a free searchable database--more than 4,500 government sources and 2,500 private sources--representing more than $30 billion in funding sources for your charity, nonprofit, or business.
  • Imagine Canada's Grant Connect
    Grant Connect is an innovative and comprehensive tool that connects charities with funders who share their cause. It is the next generation of Imagine Canada's Directory to Foundations & Corporations, a beloved publication with a 45-year legacy in the charitable sector.
  • Ajah's FundTracker
    Ajah is a Montreal-based company that builds tools for the Canadian non-profit sector. Their online service, Fundtracker, helps organizations identify and connect with funders likely to support their cause.


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