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  • Ensure your application is complete. We cannot accept incomplete applications, so please review your application to ensure you have provided everything we need to assess your application.
  • We cannot accept late applications, out of fairness to all applicants. Please submit your application by 5:00 p.m. ET on the deadline date or you will have to start a new application for the next deadline date.
  • Choose your project start date so that it falls after the date when you would receive OTF notification that your grant has been approved. We cannot fund retroactively, so please consult our critical path to see when we notify applicants.

Understand WHAT we fund under our Investment Strategy
Familiarize yourself with our new Investment Strategy. Attend an applicant information session near you and check our Events Calendar for upcoming dates and locations. If you cannot attend an information session, you can also download the presentations from our resources page.


Understand HOW we fund under our Investment Strategy 
OTF has four Investment Streams: Seed, Grow, Capital and Collective Impact. Each has its own criteria and applications. Read an overview of each Investment Stream to help you determine which best fits your project. 

New deadline for projects with provincial impact:  
September 27, 2017 by 5 PM ET closed


Complete the Applicant Self-Assessment
Complete a quick online self-assessment to find out which Investment Stream makes sense for you.

Please note that this tool is only for OTF core Investment Streams (Grow, Capital, Seed and Collective Impact). It does not apply to other programs such as the Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF), Local Poverty Reduction Fund (LPRF) and projects with provincial impact.


Read our Policies
Don’t skip this! The following policies contain key information needed to submit a successful application. Policies that may apply to your organization or project include: Eligibility, Advocacy Activities for Grantees, Collaborative Applicants, Financial Health, Overhead and Administrative Costs.


Register your Organization

Before you begin a grant application, you must first register your organization or update your organizational profile with specific information about your organization. If you have successfully registered your organization in the last year, you do not need to register again. Simply ensure your organization’s information is up-to-date. Follow these six steps in order to register:

  1. Check our registration and application deadlines to ensure that you are registering or applying at the right time.
  2. Read the checklist for OTF registration and browser requirements (pdf)
  3. Registration happens in two parts. First, enter the basic information about your organization. This part must be done in one sitting. You will then be emailed a username and password that will allow you to complete your registration – by uploading your most recent Financial Statements and enter the names of your Board Members. 
  4. If your organization was awarded a grant in 2014 to today’s date, you need to use your current user ID and password in order to update your organizational profile.
  5. If your organization was not awarded a grant in 2014, you need to register your organization.
  6. Once your registration is verified, OTF will email you a new user ID and password that you can use to begin a grant application for Seed and Grow grant streams. For Collective Impact, please contact the OTF Support Centre to speak with a Program Manager about the fit of your initiative with the OTF Collective Impact Stream.

Review Application Questions and Assessment Criteria
Before you start, know what we will be asking for. First review our application questions for Seed, Capital, Grow and Projects with Provincial Impact (pdfs) and consider our assessment criteria specific to each stream: Seed, Capital, Grow and Projects with Provincial Impact (pdfs) to ensure you can provide us with the information we need to fairly assess your project.

New deadline for projects with provincial impact:  
​September 27, 2017 by 5 PM ET closed

Think a Collective Impact model is right for your initiative? Please read our detailed OTF Collective Impact backgrounder. You might also find it helpful to then review the forms that collectives will use to request OTF funding for Collective Impact initiatives. Then, if you still think your initiative might be a good fit for our Collective Impact model, contact the OTF Support Centre at 1.800.263.2887.


Review our Application Deadlines and related Registration dates
Seed, Capital and Grow Investment Streams each have their own application deadlines and associated decision dates. Choose the application deadline that’s right for your project. Remember, the Collective Impact Investment Stream has unique requirements.


Submit an Application
Using your user ID and password, log in and access the online applications for the Seed or Grow Investment Streams. Upon submitting your application, you will receive OTF confirmation that we have received it. Your application will be reviewed for eligibility, completeness, and how well your project fits with your chosen Priority Outcome.  The Collective Impact Investment Stream has unique requirements: funding request forms are not available through the OTF online granting system (samples are available on the Collective Impact Grants page), but are provided directly by OTF Program Managers to collectives, once they have registered with OTF and following a discussion with staff about their idea.

Have questions or need help? Contact our Support Centre at or 1.800.263.2887 for information and assistance.



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