2018 - 2019

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$407,000 over 24 months for groundwork that will support the collaborative to develop a framework for schools and community groups to create safe, alternative education spaces that celebrate, affirm, culturally engage, heal, nurture and grow the skills of Black and racialized youth. The collaborative will strengthen the education system for diverse Black students experiencing marginalization in Toronto.

$170,000 over 24 months to develop safe spaces for youth between 14-24 in Sagamok where traditional teachings and interaction with Elders, deepening self-knowledge and cultural connections will be offered. The program will also focus on addressing the issues of lateral violence, racism and abuse.

$255,000 over 36 months to create safe spaces for Indigenous youth, creating stronger community and cultural connections within the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory through visual arts and hip hop culture.

$255,000 over 36 months to operate the Queen's Plate Youth Mentorship program, creating a safe space for 100 Black youth in Rexdale and offering programs that address systemic and structural barriers. The grant will help with part-time staffing, interactive workshops and program costs. .

$254,200 over 36 months to assist with the staffing and program costs involved with providing a safe space for Black youth in Ottawa where the focus is building community through a culturally-anchored music production and songwriting program.

$500,000 over 48 months to provide Black newcomer girls living in Ward 1 Etobicoke access to programming that offers support in mentorship, leadership, building high self-esteem, mental wellness, and relationship building to help equip them in becoming leaders and changemakers within their communities.

$1,500,000 over 72 months for the collaborative to do groundwork and implement strategies that will transform the public education system for urban Indigenous youth in Ontario. The collaborative will mobilize urban Indigenous community-based learning practices situated in Friendship Centre communities across Ontario.

$248,600 over 36 months to create space for First Nations youth, and those living on/off reserve to have a greater voice in North Caribou Lake First Nation by establishing a Youth Council that will improve community engagement. The Youth Council will host hands-on learning workshops, and participate in capacity building trainings to provide insights and more space for youth voices.

$500,000 over 48 months to create safe and intimate spaces for healing and learning through culture for Indigenous parents and their kin who have been impacted by the effects of colonization and residential schools, and who are also parents or caregivers of youths participating in Ohero:kon rites of passage in Akwesasne.

$255,000 over 36 months to hire staff and cover program costs involved with creating a safe space for Black Muslim youth across Toronto. Programs providing emotional, social, and academic support through mentorship, workshops and the creative arts will be offered.


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