2018 - 2019

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$255,000 over 36 months to conduct community-based research exploring how a lack of belonging, discrimination, and social isolation contribute to racialized young men feeling disengaged from society and engaging in street level violence in Ottawa.

$200,200 over 36 months to provide skills training for Black and racialized youth, and LGBTTQ+ youth regarding the Canadian film industry. Issues involving racism and lack of media representation in popular Canadian media will be addressed. The program will culminate with film screenings and panel discussions with Canadian filmmakers in seven communities across southern Ontario, Kingston and Ottawa.

$168,900 over 24 months to enhance the knowledge and skills of Black, racialized and low SES families in the Weston Village area of Toronto in order for them to effectively navigate the education system, have access to opportunities for their children, and meaningfully support their children's education.

$489,200 over 48 months to provide a space for youth living in Toronto Community Housing communities to participate and lead conversations that will address rape culture and gender-based violence within the Black and African-Caribbean Diasporic community.

$255,000 over 36 months to empower Indigenous youth to reach their full potential, gain independent life skills and employment experience through mentorship in Wabaseemoong Independent Nation.

$254,200 over 36 months to establish a healing and culturally-relevant creative space for Black single mothers/caregivers who have experienced trauma in Toronto.

$254,800 over 36-months to create career pathways in the field of technology entrepreneurship for Black, racialized and newcomer secondary school students in Durham Region. The grant will assist with the salaries for part-time staff, honorariums for youth mentors, and program costs.

$84,900 over 24 months to host workshops addressing the impact of trauma by empowering racialized, self-identified girls, young women and non-binary people in Greater Toronto Area, giving them opportunities to lead dialogues towards healing.

$1,387,000 over 72 months to develop a model of support for Black youth that will enable institutions to understand the barriers they face and make changes collaboratively so that they can access employment and education systems that provide services that meet their needs based on their lived experience.

$255,000 over 36-months to develop an online services directory and app connecting street youth to their communities. The program will help marginalized, racialized and street-involved youth in Toronto who are not currently connected to education, employment or training programs to break-free of poverty and social assistance.


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