2014 - 2015

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$150,800 over 24 months to engage youth 14 to 25 in Toronto to cultivate their artistic ‘voice’ and skills through music. Participating young people will learn to produce and promote socially-conscious music through live performances and digital media.

$300,000 over 36 months to deliver a project called “The Roadshow” which aims to engage youth between the ages of 12-25 by connecting them to the broad spectrum of supports available in their local communities. The Roadshow will be held in schools, as well as private and residential spaces, where collaboratives of cross-sector organizations will promote and guide youth through the supports that meet their variety of needs. The project will target both youth in school as well as youth who are disengaged and out of school.

$171,100 over 36 months to deliver the Push Elite program, to engage youth from the Lawrence Heights community in a life skills, leadership and fundamental basketball skills training program. The program will support youth who face barriers with academics, social skills and other life issues by providing opportunities to participate in sports, attend life skills workshops and access academic supports.

$263,600 over 48 months to connect urban Aboriginal youth with Elders, their peers and adult mentors while engaging them in land-based and cultural learning in Toronto. Through these new relationships, young people will deepen their understanding of indigenous knowledge and will learn to apply indigenous knowledge to a range of activities. Youth will be supported to lead nature tours, cultural ceremonies, and increase indigenous presence on urban lands through restoration and planting.

$300,000 over 36 months to deliver the Violence Intervention (VIA) Ambassadors Project in four communities in East Scarborough. Youth in the program will receive capacity building and training in life and pro-social skills, violence prevention and intervention. During the final year of this project, VIA’s will be part of a Scarborough Wide Youth Council that will be dedicated to leadership, violence intervention and community safety.

$129,900 over 36 months to deliver a peer mentorship project that will provide positive role models to at-risk youth in high three risk communities. Each week, youth will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports, engage in the arts, and collaboratively prepare nutritious meals with mentors. The program will provide year-long supportive programming once a week for youth 12– 20 years old who are affected by parental imprisonment.

$71,900 over 24 months to pilot a mentorship and leadership program that focuses on girls’ empowerment through critical engagement with information communication technology (ICT), social media and community building in virtual and physical settings. Funds will be used to hire one youth program coordinator, to deliver weekly engagement sessions, and to build a virtual platform for digital youth engagement.

$100,300 over 24 months to deliver a program that develops the skills and capacity of racialized youth through mentorship, training, education, and positive relationships. S.W.A.G.(Success with Age and Guidance) is comprised of a group of young men under 30 years old all from the Region of Peel. Funds will support two 13-week mentorship sessions a year for youth aged 12 to 21 in the Peel Region.

$210,000 over 36 months to work collaboratively with community partners, including the Toronto District School Board, to bring social, recreational and academic supports to middle-school youth in order reduce the achievement gap and connect young people to opportunities and experiences that will foster new skills, new relationships and expanded horizons. Funding will be used to hire one youth coordinator, to recruit and train 20 youth mentors, and to deliver mentorship and educational supports in a school setting in the Jane Finch neighbourhood in Toronto.

$181,700 over 36 months to create two to three neighbourhood spaces where young people can meet, make new friends, experience a sense of belonging, and gain leadership skills. High school aged youth in North Burlington will secure and animate these spaces with the support of adult allies. Funds will be used to support youth-led activities within the new neighbourhood spaces.


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