Strategy Leads

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To support collaboration, networking, research and knowledge sharing, OTF has identified six experts associated with each of our Action Areas. They are experienced grantmakers with deep knowledge of the public benefit sector, the communities in which we invest and the Foundation's unique approach to investing for impact.

If you still have questions, after reading about our Investment Strategy, please call 1.800.263.2887 and ask to speak to the Strategy Lead responsible for the Action Area most aligned with your work.

 doug gore

Active People

Doug Gore, Strategy Lead

 ikem opara

Connected People

Ikem Opara, Strategy Lead

liz forsberg

Inspired People

Liz Forsberg, Strategy Lead

 thea silver

Green People

Thea Silver, Strategy Lead

 Arti Freeman

Promising Young People

Arti Freeman, Strategy Lead

 ​Tracey Robertson

Prosperous People

Tracey Robertson, Strategy Lead

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