Program Managers

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We make investments in communities in every part of Ontario, and have local staff in each one of our granting catchments. You can find a list of Program Managers, organized by their location below.

If you are a grantee and wish to speak to your Program Manager, please call 1.800.263.2887.


Natalie Bortkiewicz
Christina Charpentier
Samantha Gemmell
Catherine Krajcik (Bilingual)
Gilmar Militar
Benny Min (Bilingual)
Omar Omar
Lenka Petric
Joanne Richmond
Jo Anne Tacorda
Lisa Zucchiatti (Bilingual)

North and East

Medin Admasu
Renee Beauparlant 
Patrick Delorme (Bilingual)
Sayyida Jaffer
Amy Kuhn
Natasha Lovenuk Markham (Bilingual)
Melissa Pomeroy
Andrea Reid
Carmen Robillard (Bilingual)
Jean Francois Sabourin (Bilingual)


Anne-Marie Bénéteau (Bilingual)
Carrie Butcher
Brian Conway
Hélène Duquette (Bilingual)
Duarte Fernandes
Loren Grebanier
Ibrahima Gueye (Bilingual)
Kevin Humphrey
Steve Kahn
Zanita Lukezich
Claire Nolan (Bilingual)


Aly Boltman
Patrick Brault (Bilingual)
Ghislaine Brodeur (Bilingual)
Kathleen Cleland-Moyer
Wendy Dempsey
Natalie Normand (Bilingual)
Mary-Jo Sullivan
Adele Tanguay (Bilingual)
Eric Terreau (Bilingual)

Youth Opportunities Fund

Diane Der
Yodit Girmay
Aparna Kajenthira
Lynn Laprise
Paul Reid
Orville Wallace
Shewhat Zeru

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