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What if our organization is not eligible?

If, following the self-assessment, you find your organization is not eligible, you may consider partnering with another organization that is eligible. Read the OTF policy on Collaborative Applicants. You may also wish to check out our Other Funders page.

What does OTF mean by evidence-based?

OTF considers evidence as strong indication that something works. The evidence you provide OTF can come from your organization or from an external source. Examples of evidence must:

  • Provide reasoning that speaks to the potential positive change being proposed in a project
  • Include documented research and/or evaluations (the applicant’s own or those of others) where measured results demonstrate that the approach being proposed will produce the Grant Result selected in the Grow grant application.
Is your organization a returning applicant/grant recipient?

If your organization has a username and password, login to our granting portal to complete an application. For every grant application that your organization submits (only one grant per Investment Stream), you are required to ensure your organization information is up-to-date and complete. This includes financial statements, Board of Directors information and organization contact details. 


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