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Does the Anti-Discrimination Policy unfairly limit faith-based organizations and restrict their right to believe as they do?

No. We recognize and celebrate that everyone is entitled to their faith, opinions and thoughts. Religious freedom is an important human right in Ontario. However, as a public agency, OTF cannot use public funds to support organizations whose practices do not treat everyone with the dignity and fairness they are entitled to; nor can OTF fund organizations who seek to limit the legitimate legal rights and activities of people.

Under what circumstances would OTF fund an organization with a surplus?

OTF provides grants to eligible organizations with a significant need for funding. Any organization that has access to net assets worth more than 12 months in operating expenses is not considered by OTF to be in financial need. OTF will decline an application where the applicant fails to identify a financial need.

OTF may consider proposals from applicants with net assets that are equivalent to more than 12 months of operating expenses when:

  • The organization demonstrates that unrestricted net assets have been earmarked for an imminent project or purpose; or
  • Where the circumstances can otherwise demonstrate significant financial need.

In either of these cases, the applicants should submit an explanation statement when they register.

I am unable to submit my application. Can you help?

There are separate 'Submit' buttons for entering both your project description and your measures. Under the Project Description section, be sure you click the 'Submit Description' button. Under the Strategic Alignment section, be sure to click the 'Submit Measures' button. If you are still unable to submit, please contact the Support Centre at otf@otf.ca or 1.800.263.2887. 


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