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I have a current grant and I can’t find my report template. Where do I find it?

Log in to your portal. Click the tab 'Applications (2014)' at the top of the page. Then click 'Your Reports'. If you still cannot find it, contact the Support centre at otf@otf.ca or 1.800.263.2887.

Does OTF accept late applications?

Late applications are not accepted. Submit your application by 5 p.m. EST on the deadline date or you will have to submit a new application for the next deadline date.

I heard that OTF funding comes from gaming revenues. Is it true?

Our funding comes directly from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. There is a common misconception due to the history of OTF that our funding flows directly to us from gaming. The government has always associated its revenue from many sources with specific programs such as hospitals and education, but this is a paperwork designation only. OTF funding comes from the government’s general revenue through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

What do you mean by collaborative?

A collaborative is a group of two or more organizations - each with specific roles and responsibilities - that submit an application to achieve a common goal where there is mutual benefit, shared decision-making and accountability to each collaborative member. The lead organization of a collaborative must be an eligible organization.  

Is my organization eligible to apply for a grant?

Begin by completing the online Self-Assessment Tool. All the information you need can be found on the Apply for a grant page. Please note out of fairness to all applicants, our Support Centre does not provide one-on-one counselling. 

Why do grantees need to report on specific grant results and metrics?

Every grant OTF makes contributes to the achievement of its Investment Strategy. OTF has identified specific grant results and metrics that it believes will drive towards achieving its Priority Outcomes. To be able to measure, quantify and aggregate the total impact of all OTF investments, each grantee makes a commitment to achieve specific grant results. For the Seed stream, funded projects must broadly align with a grant result but metrics are not required.

Learn about the Priority Outcomes, Grant Results and Metrics associated with all the OTF Action Areas.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you enter an incorrect password three times, you will get locked out on the third attempt. Please use the “forgot password” option to reset it. 

Where can I find application questions on the OTF website?

Please visit our "Apply for a Grant" page for the application templates.

Does OTF fund municipal libraries?

Municipal libraries in a small municipality (defined as having a population of 20,000 or less) are eligible to apply for OTF grants under the Inspired or Active People Action Areas only.  The municipality must apply on behalf of the library.

County Library Boards and Local Services Boards should register as a municipality serving populations under 20,000.

Municipal libraries where the population exceeds 20,000 people are not eligible to apply for OTF grants.

Who is not eligible to apply for an OTF grant?

OTF will not support individuals; for-profit organizations; organizations whose purpose is related to political activity (as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency); agencies of provincial or federal governments*; municipalities with populations over 20,000 and their agencies*, universities, colleges, hospitals, schools, and their agencies*; private foundations* or organizations that discriminate, or seek to limit the legal rights and activities of people, as per OTF’s Anti-Discrimination Policy. Try the Self-Assessment Tool to see if your organization is eligible.

Unincorporated branches/chapters of a parent organization may apply, with the parent organization or other organization eligible for OTF funding, acting as the lead for the collaborative. Please see OTF’s Eligibility Policy for more details.

*Unless they are part of a collaborative application where the lead is an eligible organization.  


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