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How long does it take OTF to verify my organization’s registration?

Up to 10 business days. OTF must verify that registering organizations are eligible, using Canada Revenue Agency, Industry Canada and/or incorporation records. OTF also reviews your organization’s history with the Foundation (where applicable), and checks that other OTF eligibility criteria such as anti-discrimination compliance, board of directors arm’s length relationships and overall financial health, are met.

How does OTF define a government or municipal agency?

Our eligibility policy states that we do not fund agencies of provincial and federal governments as well as agencies of municipalities with populations over 20 000. While provincial and federal agencies are usually well defined by legislation, determining whether an organization is a municipal agency can be a challenge for applicants in the absence of a well-established definition. OTF has developed its definition using the Government of Ontario’s definition of provincial agencies.

An agency has most of the following characteristics:

  • Is established by a level of government (including a municipality) through a constituting instrument (egg. under or by statute,  Order in Council, Council Resolution, municipal by-law or regulation)
  • Is accountable to a level of government for fulfilling its legislative obligations, the management of the resources it uses, and its standards for any services it provides
  • The majority of its appointments are made by a level of government
  • Is organizationally autonomous from the municipality/government but is still part of the municipality/government
  • Has authority and responsibility, granted by the municipality/government, to perform an ongoing public function or service that involves adjudicative or regulatory decision-making, operational activity, or an advisory function
How does OTF determine the merits of an application?

We review all applications against all assessment criteria. It is incumbent on the applicant to refer to the criteria, and be clear and precise when answering the questions.  

I am having trouble registering or uploading documents. Can you help?

Yes. Contact our Support Centre at otf@otf.ca or 1.800.263.2887 and one of our friendly staff will get back to you in 24 hours or less. 

Will my grant be audited? When?

Each year, OTF audits a random sample of grants. Usually an audit will take place after a progress or final report has been submitted. Because of this, when progressing through your grant, it is important to adhere to the Terms & Conditions associated with your grant. Keeping good spending records and tracking against the expected results will benefit your organization’s readiness to report to OTF, should the grant be audited.  

What type of Financial Statements does OTF accept?

The type of financial statements OTF requires is based on the amount of your organization’s annual revenues. OTF prefers audited statements for all revenue levels, however minimum requirements are as follows:

  1. Annual revenues under $50,000: Financial statements prepared by your organization.
  2. Annual revenues between $50,000 and $249,999: Statements prepared by a Licenced Public Accountant outside your organization.  (Include a ‘Notice to Reader’ or ‘Review’ or ‘Audit’.) This means, for example, one document that contains financial statements for 2 separate fiscal years (for comparison) ie the most recent fiscal year (2015) and the previous year (2014). View or find a licenced public accountant in Ontario.
  3. Revenues of $250,000 or more: A complete set of financial statements for the two most recent fiscal years (e.g. 2016 and 2015 (for comparison), audited by a licensed public accountant.

Organizations less than two years old are expected to provide at least one fiscal years’ worth of financial history that shows revenues and expenses, and assets and liabilities. If you are a new organization with less than a year’s worth of financial history, we will not be able to accept your Organization Registration. 

What does OTF fund?

Because certain types of investments yield greater impact, OTF developed an Investment Strategy which explains what and how we fund. We have chosen to focus our investments in six Action Areas. They are Active People (fostering more active lifestyles), Connected People (building inclusive and engaged communities), Green People (encouraging people to support a healthy and sustainable environment), Inspired People (enriching lives through arts, culture and heritage), Promising Young People (supporting positive development of children and youth) and Prosperous People (enhancing people’s economic wellbeing). Read more about What we Fund.

Does OTF conduct site visits as part of the application assessment?

To ensure fairness and the perception of fairness of the assessment process, site visits are not part of the assessment process.  

I am unable to submit my application. Can you help?

There are separate 'Submit' buttons for entering both your project description and your measures. Under the Project Description section, be sure you click the 'Submit Description' button. Under the Strategic Alignment section, be sure to click the 'Submit Measures' button. If you are still unable to submit, please contact the Support Centre at otf@otf.ca or 1.800.263.2887. 

What are OTF application deadline dates in 2017-2018?

Please refer to our Registration and Applications Deadlines page.


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