Grassroots Innovation

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Grassroots Test grants allow grassroots groups to experiment with new ways to achieve one of the YOF outcomes for youth wellbeing.

Which groups can apply? Both newly-formed groups and more established grassroots groups can apply for a Grassroots Test grant.

Funded activities include those that:

  • Start a new project
  • Fill a knowledge gap
  • Build strategies

Amount: up to $70,000 per year
Term: 1 to 3 years

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Grassroots Scale grants support groups to grow an existing initiative that is achieving one of the YOF outcomes for youth wellbeing. 

Which groups can apply? More-established grassroots groups that are already achieving positive outcomes for youth and have a good track record of delivering initiatives can apply for a Grassroots Scale grant.

Funded activities include those that:

  • Add elements to an existing initiative for deeper impact
  • Expand an initiative to reach more youth

Amount: up to $100,000 per year
Term: 3 to 4 years

More information on the Grassroots Innovation grants (pdf)​

Email us at if you have questions or call the OTF Support Centre at 1.800.263.2887

Working with an Organizational Mentor

An organizational mentor is an incorporated nonprofit organization or charity, or First Nation,  that will provide, administrative support, project mentoring, governance and financial accountability to both newly incorporated and unincorporated grassroots and youth-led groups. 

All Grassroots Innovation applicants must agree to work with an organizational mentor.

To better understand this important relationship, take some time to review the Organizational Mentor Tools for tips on how to find the right mentor for your group. As a part of the second stage in the application process, all shortlisted applicants are required to submit an Organizational Mentor Agreement.

Read the Organizational Mentor Tools (pdf)
Read the Organizational Mentor Agreement (pdf)

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