Youth Opportunities Fund

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$248,600 over 36 months to create space for First Nations youth, and those living on/off reserve to have a greater voice in North Caribou Lake First Nation by establishing a Youth Council that will improve community engagement. The Youth Council will host hands-on learning workshops, and participate in capacity building trainings to provide insights and more space for youth voices.

$500,000 over 48 months to create safe and intimate spaces for healing and learning through culture for Indigenous parents and their kin who have been impacted by the effects of colonization and residential schools, and who are also parents or caregivers of youths participating in Ohero:kon rites of passage in Akwesasne.

$255,000 over 36 months to hire staff and cover program costs involved with creating a safe space for Black Muslim youth across Toronto. Programs providing emotional, social, and academic support through mentorship, workshops and the creative arts will be offered.

$169,400 over 24 months to increase access to Anishinaabe language and culture for Anishinaabe youth and families from Serpent River First Nation, as well as neighboring First Nations and communities. The funds will be used to promote Anishinaabe language and cultural revitalization through language lessons, harvesting from the land, crafts, seasonal land-based culture camps, rites of passages, access to ceremony, and visiting with Elders and knowledge keepers.

$236,700 over 36 months to create a social impact for our children's children by healing First Nations parents and caregivers through sharing, learning and growing together in North Caribou Lake First Nation.

$237,200 over 36 months to create a healing and cultural safe space where Indigenous families and caregivers can learn, relearn, and reclaim a traditional practice that was once ubiquitous on Taykwa Tagamou (New Post) territory and beyond.

$169,800 over 24 months to create a healing and learning cultural space for Indigenous parents who have been impacted by colonization and have
experienced intergenerational trauma in Toronto.

$491,400 over 48 months to provide in-depth training in the fields of music production and recording for Black youth from the York South-Weston community, while offering support to explore sustainable and creative career pathways.

$312,400 over 36-months to scale a project that creates a space for Indigenous youth living in Thunder Bay to access culturally relevant arts education rooted in community and culture. The funds will be used to expand the current project, a land-based arts residency, to reach more youth by providing both summer and school year residency opportunities.

$255,000 over 36-months to support sustenance (traditional food and medicine) sovereignty and knowledge revitalization for Indigenous womxn/girls, Two-Spirit, trans, queer, genderqueer and agender youth in Fort William First Nation, Hamilton and Toronto.


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