Youth Opportunities Fund

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$185,000 over 36 months to run ‘Growing Independent Resilient Ladies (GIRL)’ a program for racialized female youth from lower income neighbourhoods in order to foster positive life decisions and build self-esteem through media literacy, access to resources, mentorship, and improved mother-daughter relationships. Funds will be used for staff salaries, workshops and program expenses.

$19,500 over 12 months to deliver Parkour classes, free outdoor meet-ups and monthly events for Aboriginal, racialized, newcomer, Francophone and LGBTTQ youth. This initiative will help them develop a healthier lifestyle and gain confidence and independence through a physical activity they enjoy. Funds will be used for staffing and travel expenses.

$210,000 over 36 months to deliver after-school programs to develop social identity, self-awareness and healthy masculinity for boys ages 12 to 14 years in York Region and equip them to interact positively with peers, adults and the community. Funds will be used for staff salaries, programming and promotional materials.

$137,200 over 24 months to offer legal education workshops and further develop a software application that is designed to help Aboriginal, racialized and newcomer youth and youth living in rural and remote communities learn about their legal rights during interactions with law enforcement. Funds will be used for staffing and workshop supplies.

$33,600 over 12 months to deliver workshops and a conference for racialized youth living in low-income situations in Peel Region and introduce them to computer coding and software design. Funds will be used for honorariums. program software, space and conference organizing.

$140,000 over 24 months to run the nine-week ‘Celebrate! Body Positive Improv Program’ in schools and communities across the Greater Toronto Area. Youth will be equipped with creative tools to combat negative body image, gender-based violence, homophobia and transphobia. Funds will be used for staff and programming costs.

$70,000 over 12 months to host ‘This Means WAAR’, a conference for racialized youth living in low-income situations, who are in care or leaving care, in order to bring together young residents of Toronto’s Weston Pellam Park neighbourhood to talk about rape culture. Funds will be used for staff salaries, events and the conference program delivery.

$150,800 over 24 months to engage youth 14 to 25 in Toronto to cultivate their artistic ‘voice’ and skills through music. Participating young people will learn to produce and promote socially-conscious music through live performances and digital media.

$300,000 over 36 months to deliver a project called “The Roadshow” which aims to engage youth between the ages of 12-25 by connecting them to the broad spectrum of supports available in their local communities. The Roadshow will be held in schools, as well as private and residential spaces, where collaboratives of cross-sector organizations will promote and guide youth through the supports that meet their variety of needs. The project will target both youth in school as well as youth who are disengaged and out of school.

$171,100 over 36 months to deliver the Push Elite program, to engage youth from the Lawrence Heights community in a life skills, leadership and fundamental basketball skills training program. The program will support youth who face barriers with academics, social skills and other life issues by providing opportunities to participate in sports, attend life skills workshops and access academic supports.


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