Youth Opportunities Fund

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$137,500 over 36 months to implement a music instruction and mentorship program for 15 to 24 years old racialized youth in the Weston Road Mt. Dennis area of Toronto to build healthy relationships and develop leadership, teamwork and self-confidence. Funds will be used for staff salaries, musician mentors and resources.

$100,500 over 36 month to work with a professional job coach to enhance the skills of youth with developmental disabilities in York Region in order to increase their self-confidence and their employable skills. Funds will be used for staff salaries and honorariums for youth.

$107,700 over 36 months to deliver an after-school program, using a peer-learning model, for middle school youth in Toronto’s neighbourhood improvement areas. Local post-secondary students will provide supports, helping the youth to form and maintain healthy, close relationships. Funds will be used for program delivery and staffing costs.

$387,000 over 48 months to coordinate a local support network for LGBTTQ youth and provide support and services to youth and youth-serving agencies in the Toronto neighbourhood of Rexdale. Funds will be used for project staffing, programming and marketing materials.

$400,000 over 48 months to work with Aboriginal youth across Ontario to mentor young leaders and create sustainable resources that can improve personal and community health and wellness. The Network will hold a youth summit and a Circle of Support, expand its ‘Media as Arts Justice’ programming, and provide capacity and guidance to Indigenous youth living in remote, low-income areas throughout Ontario. Funds will support salaries and programming, and the planning and staging of the Youth Summit, gatherings and conferences.

$300,000 over 36 months to create a Creative Economy Co-op’ program for racialized and newcomer youth in Peel Region. They will mentor youth who seek entrepreneurial skills and support them to reach workable milestones. Funds will support staffing and program costs.

$92,000 over 36 months to deliver one-to-one sexual health education, counseling and referral sessions with young males in detention at the Roy McMurtry Youth Centre in Brampton. The information will be delivered through culturally-relevant mediums and community sexual health resources. Funds will be used for program staffing, transportation and supplies.

$140,000 over 24 months to provide mentorship and life skills training for youth coming out of care to support their transition to independence. Funds will be used for staffing, equipment and resources to hold regular sessions between mentors (youth once in care now independent) and youth still in care in the Greater Toronto Area.

$210,000 over 36 months to create a space for Inuit youth in Toronto to meet, gather, and learn about the Inuk identity. T-Miut will develop a language curriculum, teach traditional skills such as beading games, sewing, singing, and drumming, and provide cultural teachings. Funds will be used to hire project coordinators, rent space, conduct outreach, and deliver programming.

$70,000 over 12 months to create community gatherings for racialized youth in Scarborough and Toronto to address key social issues important to them (such as poverty, gang-violence or racism) in both artistic and non-artistic ways, with fellow youth and adult mentors. Funds will be used for staff salaries and the delivery of programming, conferences, and events.


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