Resilient Communities Fund grant application tips

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We are committed to supporting applicants throughout the application process. To help your organization prepare a Resilient Communities Fund grant application, we encourage you to review the resources and application tips below especially as some resources have been updated.

Resilient Communities Fund resources


Tips to submit the right information about your organization


  • Review our Eligibility Policy to ensure your organization and project is eligible for OTF funding before planning your grant application. 

Financial statements 

  • Are your organization’s annual revenues above $100,000? If so, your financial statements must be prepared by a licensed public accountant. Learn more about the required financial statements for all annual revenues.  
  • Ensure your financial statements are approved and signed by your accountant and Board of Directors. Draft statements will not be accepted. 
  • Submit a complete set of financial statements. This includes revenues and expenses, a balance sheet and accompanying notes.
  • If your organization has a surplus or a deficit, you will need to upload a surplus explanation or deficit reduction plan along with your financial statements. Use OTF’s financial position calculator to learn more.

Board of directors 

  • Organizations need to have a minimum of three active board members, with at least 50 % of board members maintaining an arm’s length relationship to each other.
  • Terms need to be active as of the grant application deadline date. 
  • If your organization already has a profile with OTF, remember to update your Board of Directors table. This includes adding or removing board members, and updating terms and positions if needed. 


Tips to submit the right information about your project 

Project start date

  • The Resilient Communities Fund is about what you will do to recover from the impacts of COVID-19 – it is not about what your organization has already done. This means that your project start date needs to fall between March 25, 2021 and June 9, 2021.

Project outcomes

  • Throughout your grant application, make a clear connection between the impacts of COVID-19, the selected outcome(s) you hope to achieve, and your recovery strategy, budget items, and project activities.
  • Be realistic about the number of outcomes you choose. You will need to clearly relate your selected outcome(s) to the needs of your organization and make a link to your recovery plan. 

Eligible costs (Financial Workbook)

  • Explain why you are requesting funds for capital items. Make a link between the capital items, impacts of COVID-19, selected outcome(s), and the project activities that will support your recovery. 
  • Use the notes section of the Financial Workbook to specify what you are asking for. 
  • Ensure the costs for which you request funding enable you to complete your project and add up to a sound recovery plan. These costs need to align with your project activities and the selected outcome(s).


Have questions about the Fund? Need support?

If you are looking for information about the application process or require technical assistance, contact our Support Centre at or 1 800 263-2887.

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