OTF is the First Canadian Grantmaking Foundation to Join the Open Data Movement

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Thursday, August 13, 2015
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TORONTO - The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) joins leading grant makers worldwide by opening its grant data to drive innovation and collaboration. OTF has had a long history of releasing information of its past grants but today OTF is releasing the data in an open, raw, machine-readable format that will give community organizations, researchers and policy makers easier access for greater and more reliable cross comparisons to improve policy and innovation across the sector.

OTF’s sharing of data aligns with the “Open by Default” Open Data Directive of the Government of Ontario. This will help strengthen public policy and add economic value and OTF is excited to break new ground in Canada as the first grant maker to join that movement. OTF is looking forward to collaborating with other funders in developing new ways to share data for the benefit of the sector.


"Internationally, there is a growing movement by leading grantmakers to open their grant data in order to encourage collaboration and innovation. OTF is leading by example in Canada. Publishing its data in an easy-to-use format, OTF is contributing to the nonprofit sector by being a resource for researchers and policy makers." 
– Michael Lenczner, Director, Powered by Data

"This is a concrete step towards our vision for the nonprofit sector, where information is valued as a strategic resource that can bring about change that matters for Ontarians. By making available raw data under open licenses, we are making another tool available to help community organizations and charities innovate to build healthy and vibrant communities." 
— Janet Yale, Board Chair, Ontario Trillium Foundation

"Although we have always been transparent by sharing our grantmaking information through our website, Open Data gives us a new way to share our information and resources with the Ontarians. OTF is excited to see how this data is used for innovation."
— Andrea Cohen Barrack, CEO, Ontario Trillium Foundation


  • OTF is an agency of the Government of Ontario, and Canada’s largest granting foundation.
  • Over $110 million is awarded annually to some 1,000 nonprofit and charitable organizations across the province.
  • The published data includes all approved grants for the period between 1999-2015
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