Looking to grow your project with an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant?

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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Our team of experts will be on the road coming to communities near you to help you learn more about applying for a Grow grant.





What is a Grow grant?
Watch this video to find out:


If you are wondering whether your program is an ideal candidate for our Grow Investment Stream consider the following:

Will my project:

  • Increase the reach of an existing, proven project from your organization?
  • Replicate or adapt a proven, successful project that is new to my organization?
  • Adapt an existing proven, successful project from my organization?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we invite you to a hands-on workshop presented by the Ontario Trillium Foundation that will focus on our popular Grow Investment Stream.

These in-person workshops, led by our experienced staff, will take you through a Grow grant application step-by-step. We want to help you strengthen your Grow grant application so that you can avoid some of the common pitfalls and improve your chances of successfully making a positive impact in your community.

At these workshops, our subject matter experts will fully explain the Investment Strategy as it relates to the Grow Investment Stream and you will learn to identify the key components of a successful Grow project. The workshops include activities designed to help you gain a better understanding of the Grow Investment Stream. 

Click on the links below to register for workshops in your community or webinars online.

See the full list of sessions and webinars here.

Date Location Subject
Monday, April 23 Webinar Let's Talk About the Grow Workbook
Tuesday, April 24 Barrie (Utopia) Applying for a Grow Grant? Join our workshop in Barrie (Utopia)!
Tuesday, April 24 Mississauga Applying for a Grow Grant? Join our workshop in Mississauga!

Wednesday, April 25


Applying for a Grow Grant? Join our workshop in Peterborough!

Wednesday, April 25 Webinar (in French) Let's Talk About the Grow Workbook
Thursday, April 26

Windsor (in French) 


Applying for a Grow Grant? Join our workshop in Windsor!
Thursday, April 26 Webinar (in French) Top Reasons Grow Grant Applications Don’t Move Forward
Thursday, April 26 Webinar Let's Talk About the Grow Workbook
Friday, April 27 Webinar Let's Talk About the Grow Workbook

View a full list of sessions and webinars

Some workshops will also include an opportunity to learn more about our other Investment Streams, Services to the Community, Action Areas, and evaluation. See the details about an event near you by clicking on the links provided in the table above, register for the workshop or webinar, and come and learn how you can help your community.

We hope to see you soon so we can all grow together.

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