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The Ontario Trillium Foundation has adjusted its current operating and granting budgets to align with the recently approved Provincial Budget. Therefore Future Fund grants will not be made in 2013 -2014. OTF will continue to support those approved grantees with multi-year projects. For other granting opportunities, please refer to the granting programs section of our website.

Future Fund 2012-2013

Design Lab & Beyond: Supporting the Infrastructure for Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Ontario

Building on the success of previous efforts to create positive economic opportunities for youth, the Future Fund theme for 2012-13 will focus specifically on Support for Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Ontario. OTF will allocate $5M to this theme in the coming year. 

Youth unemployment continues to be a severe problem in Ontario. While unemployment levels nation-wide are slowly stabilizing to pre-recession levels, Ontario's youth unemployment rate in the first half of 2012 was reported to be greater than twice the rate of the entire workforce. 

This round of the Future Fund will strengthen the infrastructure for youth social entrepreneurship in Ontario. This includes incubators, networks, accelerators and hubs that bring together resources to support entrepreneurship in Ontario. 

Through investments in infrastructures of support for social enterprise, the Future Fund will achieve a cohesive and integrated economic ecosystem that creates and supports social enterprise opportunities for youth that are both viable and sustainable. 

Why Youth Social Entrepreneurship? 

Social enterprises are a growing segment of the economy that are creating real jobs for people. Social enterprises use for-profit methods to support, enhance and achieve their not-for-profit objectives. OTF supports social enterprise initiatives that deliver on a blended return model, or triple bottom line - these are innovative social enterprises that achieve social and environmental impact, while generating financial returns.

Developing social entrepreneurship is a way to reduce dependency on traditional sources of funding, empower organizations to finance their own sustainability and encourage innovation. It is a natural draw for young bright people who are looking for a creative way to earn a living and change the world. It is an important tool in social innovation.

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