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  1. John Beebe on Samara Canada's Partnership on Democratic Engagement

    John Beebe speaking about his work at Samara Canada and their partnership with community organizations to enhance democratic engagement. The focus of the work included reaching people who are not on the ladder or engagement and how we build a culture of ...

  2. Dr. Paul Favaro on Action-oriented & Empowerment Evaluation

    Dr. Paul Favaro speaks about empowerment evaluation, what that means and what it entails. He remarks on the maturation of evaluation in response to growing diversity and increasing recognition that there are specific conditions for success that must be ...

  3. Andrew Taylor on How a Shared Evaluation Framework Can Be Simple

    Andrew Taylor gives an example of a funder's collaborative in Saskatoon that used a participatory process to arrive at shared evaluation framework that simplified the evaluation design and made it more relevant and culturally responsive to the ...

  4. Jessica Ferne on the Evolution of Licensed to Learn (L2L) Through Data and Evaluation

    Jessica Ferne on her work with Licensed to Learn (L2L) which is a peer tutoring and mentoring program in schools which provides ongoing support and leadership using a peer mentoring approach. She speaks about the evolution of the work in response to ...

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