Shift Disruptors

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We want to help advance the conversation on how individuals can disrupt the status quo and challenge thinking in the social sector.

Shift Disruptors is a new series of conversations on the Knowledge Centre that showcase individuals who are innovating and catalyzing change for good.

Get ready to listen to, and discuss, podcasts by Keita Demming, an entrepreneur, and others, that feature interviews with individuals who are thinking about social change differently. You will hear how failure is a part of success, how the charity mindset needs to be reframed, how change labs are transforming how we work, and how business can be a force for good.

A podcast or interview will be posted every second Thursday until the end of the year. Please share your thoughts, comments, and ideas for other podcasts that should be featured. If you know of an innovator that needs to be showcased… please let us know in the discussion forum!

Welcome to the podcast series: Shift Disruptors

Mark Brand - Serial Entrepreneur

What Is Social Finance?

Millennials growing up in the digital world with Nasma Ahmed

Turning safety nets into trampolines

Cheryl Rose Explores the Discomfort Zone

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