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Derek Cook serves as the Director of the Canadian Poverty Institute at Ambrose University, a national institute that provides teaching, research and public education on issues of poverty. In this role, he recently served on the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Poverty, advising the federal government on the development of the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy. Derek also serves on the Steering Committee of Resilient Calgary, overseeing the development of a resilience strategy for The City of Calgary. Prior to assuming leadership of the Canadian Poverty Institute, Derek served as the Executive Director of the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative, leading the Mayor’s task force on poverty. Derek has extensive experience in social research and policy development as a Social Planner at The City of Calgary, particularly in the areas of poverty and inequality, diversity and sustainability. Prior to his work with The City of Calgary, he worked as a community development worker with various organizations across Canada in the fields of adult literacy, immigrant settlement and employment development. Derek currently serves on the board of Canada Without Poverty, a national anti-poverty organization, as well as on the Commission on Justice and Peace of the Canadian Council of Churches. Derek holds a B.A. in Political Studies from McGill University, an M.Sc. in Rural Planning and Development and a Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization from the University of Guelph, and is a Registered Social Worker (RSW) in the Province of Alberta.

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