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Headshot of Doug
Doug Gore
Active People

Doug Gore is OTF’s Active People Strategy Lead and host of the Active People Community Hub. Doug is a passionate advocate for physical activity’s potential to positively transform communities and the people in them. Although he’s the first to admit that he spends too much time on the couch, he has spent almost 30 years tirelessly promoting sport, recreation, and physical activity, and hopes to do it for 30 more.

Head shot of Community Host
Arti Freeman
Amplify Impact

Arti Freeman is OTF’s Manager of Partnership Investments and host of the Amplify Impact Hub. Arti is committed to providing opportunities that strengthen the capacity and resiliency of the public benefit sector in ways that go beyond granting dollars. She enjoys building strong partnerships and working collaboratively to address the complex social problems facing our communities.

Headshot of Ikem
Ikem Opara
Connected People

Ikem Opara is OTF’s Connected People Strategy Lead and host of the Connected People Community Hub. Ikem is fortunate that his work intersects seamlessly with his passion to build communities and social structures that work for all. He gets really excited about telling stories, hearing stories, and collecting stories of how people see themselves and others around them, and exploring how those conversations can help to engage people in building better bridges within and across communities.

Hub Host Headshot
Liz Forsberg
Green People

Liz Forsberg is OTF’s Inspired People Strategy Lead and host of the Green People and Inspired People Community Hubs. She is passionate about supporting Ontarians in becoming better stewards of our shared environment. Liz draws inspiration from the Dish With One Spoon treaty, an agreement between the Anishnaabe, Mississaugas and Haudenosuanee that binds them to peaceably share the territory and protect the land around the Great Lakes. It is an agreement that subsequent Indigenous nations and settlers have been invited into in the spirit of peace, friendship & respect. Liz is a year-round cyclist and loves spending time in the woods with her kids. She holds a Masters in Environmental Studies with a research focus on the intersections of environmental education & community-engaged arts practice.

Hub Host Headshot
Liz Forsberg
Inspired People

Liz Forsberg is OTF’s Inspired People Strategy Lead and host of the Inspired People Community Hub. Liz is passionate about the role that arts and culture play in creating vibrant and engaged communities. She has spent over 15 years working at the intersection of where the arts meet social change. As an artist and culture worker she loves collaboration and is excited about the role this online community can play in sharing knowledge and building capacity across the arts, culture, and heritage sector in Ontario.

Headshot of Stacey
Stacey McDonald

Stacey McDonald is OTF’s Evaluation and Learning Specialist and host of the Measurement Community Hub. Stacey has become a self-described “hardcore evaluation enthusiast” over her past 5 years at OTF. She’s on a mission to help ensure communities benefit from evaluation as a vital tool to help them understand if they’re doing the right things and if they’re doing those things right. ​​

Headshot of Hub Host
Jennifer Looi
Open Data

Jennifer Looi

Jennifer Looi is OTF’s Business Intelligence Lead and host of the Open Data Hub. Jennifer is a data geek with a mission to help the social good sector do more, and do better, with its data. She is excited about the ‘Data for Good’ movement and believes strongly in the potential for data to challenge assumptions and to help organizations learn from, and improve upon, what works for who they serve.

Head shot of Community Host
Arti Freeman
Promising Young People

Arti Freeman is OTF’s Manager of Partnership Investments and host of the Promising Young People Community Hub. Arti attributes her current success to a family​ who believed in her, supported her friendships, encouraged extracurricular activities, and invested in her global youth volunteerism. She is a strong advocate for ensuring that as a community we work together to make sure that every child and young person has those same positive experiences growing up, to best position everyone for life long success.

Headshot of Tracey
Tracey Robertson
Prosperous People

Tracey Robertson is OTF’s Prosperous People Strategy Lead and host of the Prosperous People Community Hub. Tracey is passionate about social change and advancing thinking in addressing complex social issues. After spending the last 23 years working in strategic philanthropy, social innovation, and the voluntary sector, she has learned that the most innovative solutions to reducing and eliminating poverty often come when people from diverse perspectives and disciplines come together to tap into people’s natural capabilities and entrepreneurial potential.


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