Our Commitments

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We are committed to equity, inclusion and respect

OTF supports and promotes diversity and inclusion at every level within our organization, with our volunteers and in our service to our clients. We believe in creating opportunities for our staff and volunteers to succeed.

OTF celebrates the unique differences, diverse backgrounds and experiences of all of its employees and volunteers.  We welcome new talents, new insights, as we foster a culture of inclusion and accessibility for all.  

The demographic makeup of Ontario plays an integral part in our approach to supporting diversity and inclusion in communities; the way we problem-solve and serve the needs of these communities are carefully considered to ensure that we demonstrate our strong commitment to principles of equity, inclusion and respect.

As a public agency and funder, we are committed to living our values of diversity, equity and inclusion and to implementing our Framework for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by working with our colleagues and partners:

  • Employees – OTF will reflect the communities we serve by recruiting and retaining the best talent by nurturing a learning and inclusive culture
  • Volunteers – We will continue to work with our volunteers so that they understand the importance of, and reflect, the diversity of Ontario communities
  • Communities – We will stay focused on striving to provide fair and equitable access to OTF funding, services and partnerships while addressing systemic barriers and historical challenges.

It is our expectation that our stakeholders and partners share our values and be part of a societal transformation where diversity and inclusion are not only a corporate responsibility, but an individual one as well.

We offer quality services in both official languages

OTF is committed to offering services in both English and French to the public. We recognize the needs and expectations of the Francophone communities of Ontario and endeavor to provide quality services in French, in accordance with the French Language Services Act of Ontario and OTF’s French Language Services Policy.

Our communications

  • Francophones can communicate with OTF in their language of choice. This includes the Support Centre, email, phone and mail.
  • Resources on otf.ca are offered in both official languages and are equal in quality and content.

Our work

  • Our programs, policies and procedures are developed and implemented in both official languages.
  • Grant applications for all our granting programs can be submitted in English or French and will be reviewed in their language of submission.
  • French grant applications, or projects targeting Francophone communities, are assessed by bilingual staff and a team of bilingual volunteers.

We continue to explore new and innovative ways to support and engage with Francophone communities across the province. If you have questions about our services, please contact our Support Centre and ask to speak with the French Language Services Liaison.

We value, support and enable people with disabilities 

Championing the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
New provisions under the Government of Ontario’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) are being phased in over 15 years. Under the Act, organizations are required to make their Accessibility Compliance Reports available to the public. Read OTF’s 2017 report here. OTF met the AODA requirements for Accessibility Standards for Customer Service in January 2010, and the Accessibility Standards for Employment in 2012.

Planning and resourcing accessible services and supports

In December 2017, OTF launched its 2018-2022 Accessibility Plan , under the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation of AODA. The plan includes the ongoing training of our staff and volunteers in serving people of all abilities.

Customer Service

  • Our Customer Service Policy guides staff in the delivery of service to customers of all abilities
  • Our services can be provided in different ways to meet the needs of all our customers
  • Enquiries are acknowledged within one business day and answered within five business days
  • Our volunteers are aware and respectful of people with special needs and the organizations that support them
  • Your opinion is important. We welcome any feedback you may have, positive or negative, about our staff, our work, our services or our website. Feel free to take our feedback survey. It takes only a couple of minutes

Workspaces & Amenities

  • Our offices are barrier-free and fully accessible
  • We support the use of personal assistive devices including TTY service at our head office, Job Access with Speech (JAWS) and assistive technology including keyboards and headphones
  • Guide service dogs and attendants are welcomed
  • Emergency plans are in place for all staff and guests, including those with disabilities

Design and Communications

  • Reports, advertising and any other written material use a respectful, inclusive and clear language.
  • A large number of our resources are available in various formats such as texts in large font, audio supports, or can be made available on other formats as requested.
  • Our website take advantage of multimedia and iconography accessibility, is W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and AODA compliant and offers vocal functions with BrowseAloud.

For more information, please call Sherry Moore-Blake, Human Resources Advisor, at 416.963.4550 or 1.800.263.2887 x 550 or smooreblake@otf.ca. She will respond within 24 hours.


We will neither discriminate nor tolerate discrimination

OTF affirms its strong commitment to principles of equity, diversity and inclusion and will neither discriminate in any of its practices nor tolerate it in its grantees. Discrimination will not be tolerated, condoned or ignored amongst OTF staff members, volunteers and grantees.

Our Anti-Discrimination Policy applies to all OTF activities, including but not limited to employment, grantmaking, purchasing, and selecting vendors or consultants, and extends to the use of public funds by grantees.

OTF will:

  • Not fund organizations that discriminate or seek to limit the legal rights and activities of people. This includes direct actions, and organization materials, website, and publications that promote or communicate discriminatory treatment on grounds listed in the OTF Anti-Discrimination policy. Initiatives will not be funded if the staffing requirements, program content or participant eligibility are restricted in ways contrary to this policy.
  • Rescind funds to grantees that engage in discriminatory practices
  • Revoke the eligibility of an organization to reapply for OTF funds until it can prove it no longer has discriminatory practices.
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