Lifecycle of a Grant

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We are committed to fair, transparent and right-sized processes for selecting proposals for funding. And for those applications that are not selected for funding, we provide a timely and clear explanation to all applicants. It all begins with proactive communication and information sharing about OTF services and programs.

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One deadline / year

One deadline / year

1.Application Submission

Deadlines for application submission are published online. Applicants can access their applications when they log into their portal. View the Application questions for Seed, Capital and Grow.  Applicants are sent an electronic confirmation that their application has been received and can monitor their application status online.

2.Review & Assessment

After an initial review for eligibility, completeness, and fit with the Investment Strategy, applications are reviewed by experienced staff and local volunteers, and scored against assessment criteria specific to each stream: Seed, Capital and Grow.

3.Selection Volunteers recommend the approval or decline of each application. Recommendations are considered, and then approved by the Board of Directors. 

A list of approved Seed, Grow, and Capital grants are sent to Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) to give them the opportunity to congratulate recipients directly, when possible. All applicants are then notified of the final decision by OTF.


Successful applicants are sent an email with their OTF Contract.

6.Activation After grantees participate in a mandatory orientation webinar and return the signed contract electronically, Seed, Grow and Capital grants are activated.
7.Reporting & Monitoring

Seed and Capital Grants:
Grantees submit a final report when the project is completed, reporting on the achievement of the project, grant results, metrics and learnings.

Grow Grants:
Grantees and staff are in regular contact to discuss the progress of the grant including mid-year calls . Grantees submit annual progress reports and a final report when the project is completed, reporting on items including: the achievement of grant results, metrics, and project learnings. 

Certain grantees will be required to survey their participants using standardized tools. Review the list of grant results that require the use of standardized tools.


Once final reports are reviewed by staff as satisfactory, grant hold-back funds for Seed, Grow and Capital grants are released and grants are closed.

9.Grantee Compliance Audits

Annually, a random sample of grants are subject to a Grantee Compliance Audit.  Grant files can be audited for compliance at any point within the grants life, or after the grant has been closed. 

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