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Submission Deadline: 
November 1, 2012

$74,800 over 24 months

To hire a program coordinator to build awareness and commitment in the private sector to support poverty reduction programs. Business support will include funding, mentorship, human resources, donated space, employment opportunities and sharing of best business practices beneficial to individuals and organizations addressing poverty in Niagara.

Submission Deadline: 
July 1, 2011

$159,500 over 36 months

To provide meaningful employment, economic and social opportunities for youth and families in the Eastdale Cordage neighbourhood of Welland, through the delivery of leadership, recreation, nutrition, dental, literacy and employment programs.

Submission Deadline: 
March 1, 2011

$15,000 over 12 months

To provide signage and promotional resources to raise the profile of the festival in Lincoln and celebrate the importance of the agricultural sector.

Submission Deadline: 
March 1, 2014

$85,500 over 12 months

To conduct an environmental scan by Niagara Connects. The scan will be used to build a collective impact framework that leverages prior collaborative work designed to strengthen Niagara’s socio-economic future. Building blocks of this framework will include impact evaluation, research methodology, identification of shared value and ways to share knowledge in order to take concrete local actions to make Niagara a more attractive place to live and work.

Submission Deadline: 
March 1, 2014

$35,000 over 12 months

To install a barrier-free public dock to provide water access for visitors, mooring for boats, enhanced safety for swimmers, an area for emergency services and a fixed dock platform for those with limited accessibility. The renovations will make the Welland River more accessible to all.


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