Grand River

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Submission Deadline: 
July 1, 2013

$10,600 over 12 months

To increase community awareness of the impact of student-nutrition programs by updating the website and developing a social-media strategy. Over 9,000 students in 41 schools and 11 community locations are served weekly. An increased web presence is intended to attract and engage new volunteers and donors thereby increasing the organization's long-term sustainability.

Submission Deadline: 
November 1, 2012

$57,500 over 24 months

To pilot effective approaches to recruiting skilled volunteers who can lead support groups and undertake speaking and outreach activities to support clients with Alzheimer disease in Haldimand and Norfolk.

Submission Deadline: 
November 1, 2012

$100,500 over 24 months

To increase opportunities for healthy physical and recreational after-school activity for children and youth in Brantford. Funds will contribute to an upgraded computer lab, new rock climbing wall, re-surfaced gymnasium floor and more energy efficient lighting at the Club's Edge Street facility.

Submission Deadline: 
March 1, 2014

$177,800 over 60 months

To assist in restoring chestnut trees to the forest cover in Southern Ontario, which will contribute to a viable local chestnut industry, by supporting research into the development of a blight resistant native chestnut tree.


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