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$25,000 over one to create an empowerment program for young women in Regent Park, St. Jamestown and Moss Park in Toronto. The program will include a book club, guest speakers and workshop sessions related to the formation of identity.

$25,000 over one year to fund a pre-employment training program in Richmond Hill for youth with special needs. With the help of their parents, participants will receive the necessary training to operate a tuck shop inside a senior’s residence.

$25,000 over one year to assemble a Regional Youth Roundtable for 17 youth-led organizations in Peel region. This roundtable will coordinate efforts in the youth sector in this region.

$20,800 over one year to provide youth in Regent Park with weekly workshops. The workshops will be an opportunity for young people to learn about conflict resolution, self-care, sexual health and safety.

$25,000 over one year to engage youth aged 15-25 in the Victoria Park and Eglinton areas of Scarborough in building trade skills. This is an intensive summer program designed to build social and support networks, gain skills training, enhance employment opportunities, while working within an anti-racist framework to explore systems barriers.

$25,000 over one year to provide a safe space for queer and trans-gendered youth in Toronto and Peel to socialize and create art with the help of program facilitators. Funding will allow this program to be free of charge, therefore decreasing barriers to participation.

$24,700 over one year to engage ten girls aged 12-25 in weekly breakdancing workshops and sharing circles. These workshops will teach the fundamentals in breakdancing, connecting these to teamwork, overcoming challenges and fears, and thinking outside the box.

$25,000 over one year to provide academic support through a tutoring program for low-income, new immigrant and/or racialized youth in York Region. The program will also help young people to develop the necessary experience and leadership skills to become tutors to other youth.

$25,000 over one year to build solidarity between young women aged 12-18 in the indigenous and African Canadian communities in Toronto. They will participate in workshops with a theme of reconciliation, women’s empowerment and strengthening relations between these two communities.

$25,000 over one year to build a safe space for marginalized youth at the Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre in Toronto. A Youth Cabinet will be created to respond to youth needs and advocate on behalf of youth in the community and build programs for the space.


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