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$70,800 over 24 months to deliver two cycles of a twelve-week music-based stress management course for 20 young people. This program will focus on youth who have experiences with the justice system and who are living in low-income situations in priority neighbourhoods in Toronto. Through the weekly sessions, young people will improve their mental health as they learn to identify triggers and building cope skills with the help of music. Funds will be used to hire youth leaders, to engage peer mentors, to deliver the weekly music sessions and to produce a final video trailer.

$32,000 over 12 months to create a safe community space for LGBTTQ youth through a free weekly drop-in writing group. Funding will be used to provide an honorarium to three youth leaders, for youth outreach in Ajax-Pickering and to rent a consistent space for the weekly sessions.

$140,000 over 24 months to deliver an initiative called TechSpark that will address the challenges racialized and newcomer youth face, by using innovative technology based programming. The TechSpark program will aim to remove existing barriers to employment by providing youth with access to professional mentors, and the skills needed to obtain and maintain high demand jobs in the technology sector.

$100,700 over 24 monthsto equip young people to build healthy, strong and trusting relationships through critical conversations on consent, sexual assault and rape culture. Bad Subject will use a workshop series and an on-line forum to engage young people in building a culture of consent in schools and communities. Funds will be used to hire a part-time project coordinator, to build an on-line platform and to engage youth as workshop facilitators.

$849,100 over 48 months to enhance access to LGBTQ support services and to engage youth in strengthening the LGBTQ youth-sector in Toronto. Funding will support a comprehensive needs assessment, testing of new services to better meet needs, and new youth-led projects guided by a Youth Advisory Committee. Funds will also be used to launch a mobile service guide to improve service navigation. This investment will also be used to create safer communities for LGBTQ youth by launching a new social marketing campaign that will challenge homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

$670,000 over 36 months to engage youth and adult allies in building and sustaining an eco-system of youth programs and services in the Kingston Galloway and Orton Park community. Funding will be used to hire two young people to coordinate the project and lead outreach, complete a network map, and deliver four youth-led demonstration projects with four of the partnering organizations.

$140,000 over 24 months to develop a peer mentorship program that will train French-speaking racialized youth as mentors for other newcomer youth who are facing similar challenges. Funding will support the development of a network of youth leaders in Peel Region, and will provide local service agencies with new ways of engaging with racialized and/or newcomer Francophone youth.

$335,100 over 36 months to deliver the A.C.T 4 Youth model in York Region. This project will ensure youth aged 20-29 with intellectual disabilities have the support they need for a smooth transition into the community after completing Post-secondary education. Youth with intellectual disabilities will access services that promote independence and employment during this transition period. The A.C.T 4 Youth initiative will work together with existing community programs, grassroots initiatives and local networks for a comprehensive approach.


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