Just got a Seed grant? Join OTF Mandatory Orientation Webinar

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Jul 11 - 4:00PM
Jul 11 - 5:00PM
Type of Event: 
Mandatory Grantee Orientation

As a condition of your grant, we ask you to join a mandatory orientation webinar that will help you understand what you can expect from OTF during the life of your grant. This webinar will help you understand: The Grant Contract and its terms and conditions What is expected of OTF grantees How to report on your grant How to recognize OTF support Who should attend? The person(s) responsible for managing the OTF grant. For collaborative grants, only the lead organization is required to attend. Space is limited. Please be considerate of fellow grantees; reserve only 1 ticket per organization. We recommend you book a boardroom if several on your team wish to participate. Participation is mandatory. Your attendance of one of these webinars is mandatory, and must happen before OTF can activate your grant and issue the first payment. You will receive the login details the day before the webinar.

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