Evaluative thinking: Building Cultures of Learning

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Mar 07 - 2:30PM
Mar 07 - 4:00PM
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Is your organization looking to learn, reflect and adapt on a more frequent and timely basis? If so, join our online workshop with Julie Witmer on evaluative thinking!

Typically, organizations have used evaluation as an occasional management or accountability exercise. However, incorporating evaluative thinking into your day to day work leads to more meaningful learning cultures given the complex environments and pace of change most organizations operate in.

This workshop will introduce the concept of evaluative thinking and will be both theoretical and practical. The theoretical component will provide a background on evaluative thinking and some key concepts. Participants will also engage in practical exercises to assess the readiness and need for organizational evaluative thinking, as well as tools to help put these concepts into practice.


• To review key concepts of evaluative thinking and building a learning culture

• To introduce tools for embedding evaluative thinking within your organization

• To create space for shared learning

A limited number of workshop participants will also have the opportunity to book a one-on-one coaching session with Julie to help put these concepts into practice. Details will be shared during the online workshop.

Julie Witmer has over 20 years of professional research and consulting experience with non-government organizations and federal and municipal governments in the areas of policy and program monitoring and evaluation. Her work in evaluation includes both conducting third-party evaluations as well as working together with clients to develop evaluative thinking capacity and practice within their organizations. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the National Capital Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society.

Stay tuned for a French online workshop on this topic later this month!

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