Emerging Governance Platforms

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The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) works to build healthy and vibrant communities by investing in projects that align with our Investment Strategy. Emerging Governance Platform (EGP) arrangements are in place to allow us to balance accountability and the ability to support grassroots groups.

What is it?

An EGP is an eligible organization that enters into an agreement with an unincorporated group, where the eligible organization is legally responsible for the grant application and the grant for the project that will be delivered by the unincorporated group. The term organization mentor (OM) may also be used.

The eligible EGP organization will provide the unincorporated group with support including planning, governance, administration, mentoring and financial management. (Refer to the Collaborative Applicants Policy for more information) 

What is involved?

There are two steps to the OTF application process for EGPs. 

  1. The organization registration: you will be asked to provide supporting documentation outlining your organization’s ability to be an EGP through your mission/mandate or board directive. This ensures you are able to provide support and accountability for projects and eligible to move to the application phase.
  2. The application: you will be asked to provide the EGP agreement between the EGP and partnering/unincorporated group, which identifies each organization’s role and how they will work together.

When registering your organization:

  1. Contact the Support Centre to learn more about OTF’s organization registration process and requirements. Please note that successful verification of your organization’s eligibility is a pre-requisite to pursuing an EGP or OM status.
  2. Ensure you have board minutes/resolution and/or other documentation that outlines how your organization is set up to provide financial accountability and support for an unincorporated group.
  3. Provide documentation (above) as part of your organization registration process.
  4. Once approved, your status as an EGP will be confirmed.

When applying for a grant:

Have the completed EGP agreement available – you may be asked to submit it during the application review process.

If Approved for Funding:

  • If the Grant Application is approved for funding, the EGP will sign the OTF Grant Contract.
  • The unincorporated group will deliver the project and report annually on their progress, with the support of and through the EGP.
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