Collective Impact Grants

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Grants that support collective strategy and transformative action to tackle complex community issues and achieve a lasting change in at least one Priority Outcome


“Collective Impact is the commitment of a group of important actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem, using a structured form of collaboration.”
- Kania, J. and Kramer, M.

It is a method of getting people to work together differently in pursuit of a clearly defined common goal to address complex social issues in communities. Issues suited to collective impact are those that are not easy to resolve, have persisted over time, and cannot be solved in isolation.


Collective Impact grants support initiatives that bring together like-minded stakeholders to address complex problems in Ontario communities.

There are three stages within the OTF Collective Impact granting stream.

Stage 1: DEFINE the Impact

In this stage, organizations work to clearly articulate and define the urgent complex issue they aim to address and start to develop their Theory of Change. They convene cross-sectoral stakeholders, ensure community residents are actively participating, and identify who else needs to be at the table. They build out their evidence and define a leadership committee that can move the initiative forward.


Stage 2: ORGANIZE for Impact

In this stage, organizations confirm their common agenda and build out their Theory of Change. These cross-sectoral partners develop a collective work plan, create a governance model and backbone support structure. They build out their shared measurement system and evaluation plan and determine how internal and external communications will be managed.


Stage 3: DELIVER Impact

This stage focuses on delivering on the Theory of Change and implementing the collective work plan. The Collective Impact approach is adaptive and iterative in nature and, as such, monitoring, integrating lessons learned and adapting plans are on-going during this stage. Reporting and communicating results and impact take place.


OTF wants to partner with organizations to implement the Collective Impact approach to address complex social and environmental issues in Ontario.

OTF staff work with organizations to develop their initiative. Work is on-going, there are no formal deadlines for this stream.

Read more about OTF's Collective Impact Approach.

If you think your initiative is the right fit for this stream or wish to talk to someone regarding your initiative and fit, contact the OTF Support Centre at 1.800.263.2887 or

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