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Does the Anti-Discrimination Policy unfairly limit faith-based organizations and restrict their right to believe as they do?

No. We recognize and celebrate that everyone is entitled to their faith, opinions and thoughts. Religious freedom is an important human right in Ontario. However, as a public agency, OTF cannot use public funds to support organizations whose practices do not treat everyone with the dignity and fairness they are entitled to; nor can OTF fund organizations who seek to limit the legitimate legal rights and activities of people.

Under what circumstances would OTF fund an organization with a surplus?

OTF provides grants to eligible organizations with a significant need for funding. Any organization that has access to net assets worth more than 12 months in operating expenses is not considered by OTF to be in financial need. OTF will decline an application where the applicant fails to identify a financial need.

OTF may consider proposals from applicants with net assets that are equivalent to more than 12 months of operating expenses when:

  • The organization demonstrates that unrestricted net assets have been earmarked for an imminent project or purpose; or
  • Where the circumstances can otherwise demonstrate significant financial need.

In either of these cases, the applicants should submit an explanation statement when they register.

Can I add additional members to my organizational profile?

Only one contact can be assigned per organizational profile. This should be the primary contact, and someone who has the legal authority to bind your organization. Please pick a contact whose inbox can be accessed while they are away or who can communicate recent developments with other members of the organization at any time. If you are registering on behalf of the primary contact/person with legal authority, you will need to provide his/her name and contact information. 

After receiving a grant, are organizations required to recognize OTF?

Yes. OTF requires that grant recipients acknowledge both the Ontario Trillium Foundation and its funder (the Government of Ontario). OTF Public Relations Associates are happy to work with grantees and develop appropriate recognition activities. For details please see the OTF Recognition Policy

Our organization is already registered. Do we need to register again?

Before you begin a grant application, you must first register your organization or update your organizational profile with specific information about your organization. If you have successfully registered your organization in the last year, you do not need to register again. Simply ensure your organization’s information is up-to-date. 

My submission was declined and I disagree with your decision. What is the appeal process?

There is no appeal process at both registration and application stages. All OTF decisions are final.

How does OTF assess grant applications?

Your application is first reviewed for eligibility, completeness, and how well your project fits with your chosen Priority Outcome. Then reviewed by staff and OTF’s Grant Review Teams, which are composed of local volunteers from your region. And lastly, the Board of Directors makes the granting decisions.

Read about how OTF assesses grant applications.

Can I make corrections to my application after I submit?

Once an application is submitted, corrections cannot be made. 

Why does OTF audit the grants it makes?

OTF complies with Ontario’s Transfer Payment Accountability Directive, which requires that we “ensure that recipients receiving transfer payments are providing the services for which funds have been received.” The audit process is one of the tools we use to ensure our funds are used as intended. It allows OTF to look a little deeper into grants to verify and validate how the money was spent and ensure that grant results and progress measures are being fulfilled. OTF uses these results to inform continuous improvement initiatives. 

How long does it take OTF to verify my organization’s registration?

Up to 10 business days. OTF must verify that registering organizations are eligible, using Canada Revenue Agency, Industry Canada and/or incorporation records. OTF also reviews your organization’s history with the Foundation (where applicable), and checks that other OTF eligibility criteria such as anti-discrimination compliance, board of directors arm’s length relationships and overall financial health, are met.


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