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Friday, September 23, 2016

The Ontario Trillium Foundation is a leader in the field of evaluation and impact measurement in the public benefit sector.​ Evaluation and outcome measurement allo​ws organizations to reflect on their work in a systematic way and in a manner that can be more easily translated and shared with others.​


Curious to learn more? OTF invites you to join the Twitter Chat “Measure Up” Thursday, September 29 from 1 to 2 pm ET. Use #OTFChat to send us your questions before the chat, and to join the conversation on the 29th.

get the facts:

We improve through knowledge and learning by:

  • Sharing our knowledge with other members of the public benefit sector 
  • Being a thought-leader in the public benefit sector
  • Using evidence-based approach to continually improve our granting process, with data gathered from grant results and grant audits 

By evidence-based, OTF means an intervention or program that has been shown by rigorous evaluation to have sustained, meaningful effects on the outcomes the applicant wishes to improve. It’s all about making a difference.

If you have any questions about evaluation and outcome measurement, send them to #OTFChat in advance. Our subject matter experts will share her knowledge and expertise. Join in the conversation. 



Where? Twitter

When? Thursday, September 29, 1-2 p.m.

Hashtag: #OTFChat


meet the experts:

Stacey McDonald is OTF’s Evaluation and Learning Specialist and the future host of OTF’s Measurement Community Hub. Stacey has become a self-described “hardcore evaluation enthusiast” over her past 5 years at OTF. She’s on a mission to help ensure communities benefit from evaluation as a vital tool to help them understand if they’re doing the right things and if they’re doing those things right. ​​

Ben MacNamee is the Evaluation and Impact Analyst at the Ontario Trillium Foundation. His work involves evaluating the impact of OTF grantees and the new Investment Strategy. He has played a vital role in the data analytics team at OTF; helping lead the Balanced Scorecard implementation and the Open Data project. Prior to joining OTF he worked as an impact analyst with Charity Intelligence, undertaking roughly 50 social impact evaluations of Canadian charities. Ben has lectured on a variety of applied economics topics, with a specific focus on using data to evaluate policy, performance, and organizations. He has an MA in Economics from Simon Fraser University.


What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is when a group of Twitter users meet to discuss a topic using a hashtag (#). Imagine a networking event with no dress code or physical location. It’s a great opportunity to connect with individuals and organizations with similar interests. Let’s share and learn from one another.

Be part of the conversation. It’s easy.

1.    Log onto your Twitter account

2.    Search for #OTFChat and follow along

3.    If you want to ask a question or comment, use the hashtag #OTFChat in your tweet

Hope to meet you in the Twitterverse.

See our guide to Twitter Chats for more details here.

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